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The Best Museums in London for Kids

If you’re travelling with kids, one of the most important things to make yours and their holiday fun is keeping them entertained. But what to do? Well, with almost 200 museums, London is one of the best cities in the world to learn something new and have a great time!

But how do you choose the best museums in London to visit with children when there are so many? Tough choice!

We’ve scoured the British capital for the most family-friendly museums and put together this list of six of the best. So, let’s check them out! 

Natural History Museum – one of the best dinosaur collections in the world!

Science Museum – Let the kids immerse themselves in interactive galleries!

Horniman Museum and Gardens – one of the most child-friendly museums in London!

British Museum – Free activity backpacks available for kids!

London Transport Museum – See what it’s like to drive a tube train!

Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood – stop off to play with toys throughout the ages!

Table of Contents

Dinosaur and blue whale skeletons

Regular activities for kids and families

Free entry

Suggested duration: 4 – 6 hours

One of the most popular museums in London with all ages, there’s no reason to miss the Natural History Museum off your itinerary.

The first thing you’ll be greeted by in the “Cathedral of Nature” is the huge skeleton of a blue whale. You think that’s impressive? It’s also home to one of the largest dinosaur skeleton collections in the world, which will go down a storm with the kids!

The museum has around 80 million specimens, many of which are housed in the Darwin Centre. This is also where the museum’s research scientists work, in an 8-storey cocoon.

There are numerous temporary exhibits throughout the year, some of which carry an extra charge. Even if you choose to skip them, you’ll love the NHM.

#2 Science Museum

Lots of interactive galleries

IMAX 3D Cinema

Free Entry

Suggested duration: 3 – 4 hours

If science lessons in school were as good as in this place, kids might want to do their homework more! More than 3 million people visit the Science Museum annually, making it the most visited science museum in Europe.

It boasts over 15,000 objects including the first ever locomotive, Stephenson’s Rocket, all the way to the Apollo 10 command capsule. If you like space, you’ll find lots more exhibits including many objects that have actually flown in space.

If you’re happy to splash out a little extra, enjoy the stunning 3D IMAX cinema, which includes scientific films about the depths of the ocean or the darkest reaches of space, or try out a 3D or 4D flight simulator as a Red Arrow or part of an Apollo space mission.

#3 Horniman Museum and Gardens

Aquarium on-site

Beautiful Gardens

Free entry

Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

The Horniman Museum doesn’t have one specific focus, and that’s part of the reason that it’s so great for children. It offers several family-friendly exhibits, as well as 16 acres of gardens to explore!

To get up close and personal with live animals, children can visit the nature base, which even allows kids to touch the creatures. If you’d rather your kids keep their hands to themselves, they can always admire the fish in the aquarium.

There are also musical instruments and anthropology collections on display. And when you’ve finished there, book a workshop or head to the awesome on-site cafe.

Activity backpacks available

One of the world’s biggest museums

Free entry

Suggested duration: 4 – 6 hours

The British Museum boasts the largest collection of artefacts dedicated to human history in the entire world. With this one, you won’t want to drag your children through all the exhibits as they’ll get tired and bored, and they might even cry. However, there are some you should make a beeline for as soon as you arrive.

This includes Rooms 62 and 63, where you’ll find the fascinating Egyptian mummies! It also holds some of the most significant finds by British explorers, including the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Sculpture from Ancient Greece.

For more great stuff for kids, make sure to pick up some trail leaflets from the library! This is a sure fire way to make learning about history fun!

See the world’s first tube train

Children’s interactive area

Free entry for kids – £18 for adults

Suggested duration: 1 – 2 hours

Head to Covent Garden to find out more about the history of one of the most extensive and best-known transport systems in the world! From the horse-drawn carriage to modern-day tube trains and London buses, you won’t want to miss the transport museum.

Not only is it packed with fascinating exhibits, but there are also sections dedicated to children of all ages. There’s a family play zone for under 7s, while older children (and parents) can sit in the driver’s cab of those famous red buses or even enjoy a tube train simulator. Even the surliest teenager will have fun here!

As well as the transport-related exhibits, this museum also boasts one of the most important collections of posters and graphic art in the world!

Lots of activity stations

Kids events during weekends and holiday

Free Entry

Suggested duration: 2 – 3 hours

Last but not least on our list of the best museums in London for kids is the Victoria and Albert Museum. More specifically, it’s the Museum of Childhood, housed in the world’s largest museum dedicated to applied art and design.

Packed with one of the finest collections of child’s toys in the world, your kids will be entertained for hours with Lego, doll houses, games, basically, anything that your kids can get their hands on!

It’s a great place to come during the school holidays or at weekends as there is always an event on. Even during the week, you can enjoy spending time at an activity station!

There’s a café too – you’ll need multiple coffees for your energy levels to match those of your kids!

Final Thoughts on The Best Museums in London For Kids

So, that concludes our list of the best museums in London for kids. We hope you’ve found one that will suit you and your family!

For more of the best London travel tips, check out Seen London. Our expert travellers can help you with where to go, what to do, and the best things to eat and drink on your trip. And that’s just the beginning!

We hope you have a great time!

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