Muji launches jeans with a pocket for your smartphone

Yes, you heard that right, a designated pocket for the smartphone! About time someone thought of it and who better than Muji? The jeans suitable for men and women is the latest to join Muji’s range of denim that’s easy to wear, comfortable, lets you move easily and is made with organic cotton, to boot. They sound like they’re built to last. SEEN still has a MUJI aluminium pencil case from 25 years ago.

MUJI Denim_smartphone pocket_£29.95 (1)

Available in five styles including skinny and boyfriend; and four colours from Indigo to Navy, we can be glad that we live in the age of stretch denim. Muji Denim favours the relaxed, lived–in fit that is synonymous with great design. The smartphone pocket jeans are a clever nod to the ubiquity of the smartphone and the marrying of form and function at which Muji excels. Starting at £29.95, the jeans will launch online and in major stores on 31st January. This being London, SEEN anticipates they will be taken up with enthusiasm.

MUJI Denim_spring 2017_£29.95

187 Oxford Street