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Best Things to Do in Greenwich

You won’t find many districts in London with more to offer than Greenwich. This historic Royal Borough is home to the Meridian Line as well as lots of maritime history like the National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark Ship – if you’re into boats and sailing you’re sure to love it here. The only trouble with Greenwich is that if you just have a couple of days here, you probably won’t be able to fit in everything on offer here!

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the best things to do in Greenwich. We haven’t just included the obvious attractions – we’ve found some really unusual and cool stuff too as well as a couple of free attractions thrown in. Whatever your travel style, there’s something in Greenwich for you!

Table of Contents

Top Things to Do in Greenwich

#1 A Fascinating Tour of Greenwich

Let’s kick off our list of the best things to do in Greenwich with a tour that’ll show and tell you everything you need to know about this awesome area! Led by a friendly university graduate who has travelled the world, you’ll see all the sights including the market, the church, and a walk along the river to the Cutty Sark (more on that later). After this fun tour ends, it’s time to head to a riverside pub for a well-earned pint!

#2 Culinary Tour of Historic Greenwich

British food doesn’t have a great reputation on the international culinary scene, but that’s changing – and Greenwich is a foodie paradise! To make sure you head to all the right places, a foodie tour should be right on the menu. On foot, you’ll be accompanied by a former food blogger and local resident who can show you all the tastiest joints in the area. It might be worth skipping a meal before this delicious tour! 

#3 Greenwich Royal Observatory

One of not only the most popular things to do in Greenwich but all of London is visiting the Royal Observatory. Not only is this the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but it’s also a planetarium with can’t miss shows. The Greenwich Meridian is where the western hemisphere meets the eastern – kind of like a vertical equator – and you can stand on both sides of it at once!

#4 Climb the Roof of the O2 Arena

With space for 20,000 spectators, the O2 Arena (formerly the Millennium Dome) is one of the biggest arenas in the UK. Seeing a gig there is an amazing experience, but it’s not the only thing you can do! 

Climbing the roof of the arena means you can get breath-taking views of the city – so don’t forget your camera! And don’t worry – it’s totally safe. You’ll be given a climbing suit, boots, and harness to help you up!

Free Things to Do in Greenwich

#5 National Maritime Museum

One of the best things about museums in the UK is that so many of them are free. The National Maritime Museum is one of them, and to top it off it’s one of the best things to do in Greenwich! 

There are lots of interactive exhibits which provide fun for the whole family (including exhibits for kids!) across this fascinating museum.

#6 Stroll through Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is where you’ll find some of the most iconic attractions in London so it’s an ideal spot for any would-be photographers! It’s home to the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian. For no cost, you can take a stroll through this beautiful Royal Park. There are statues, orchards, and even a deer park in there! It’s so big you could spend a day here – but don’t worry there are places to stop for a coffee or lunch! 

Free Things to Do in Greenwich

#7 Terrarium Building Workshop

Now for something a little different. Have you ever wanted to make a terrarium for your plants to live in? Now you can! In the two hour workshop, you’ll put together your own terrarium with the plants, tools, and vessel already provided. Although do be aware that if you’re leaving the UK on a flight, you might find it tricky to get this onboard – especially in hand luggage!

#8 Create African Art Mindfully

There are so many awesome creative classes in Greenwich, so we thought we’d give you a few choices! Even if you’re not an artist, this African art class will be a lot of fun, and your helpful host will help you warm your hands up with simple drawing exercises! This three-hour workshop also has meditation and mindfulness involved, so this could be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of London.

#9 Historical Guided Tour on a Hot Tub Boat

Now, if you saw this floating past we’re pretty sure you’d look twice. This really is a floating hot tub, so you can see the city from the comfort of the Thames at a comfy 38 (ish) degrees! 

You’ll sail around the West India Docks and talk about their rich history with your expert guide. There are places to change (don’t forget your swimsuit) before and after the tour, but book quickly as this is a small group tour… for obvious reasons!

Best Things to Do in Greenwich with kids

#10 Cutty Sark

Greenwich is complete without visiting the Cutty Sark – a tea clipper which broke numerous records and was formerly the fastest ship in the world. 

Nowadays, it’s marooned on dry land – which is all the better for you! Kids and adults alike will love exploring this award-winning museum which will regale you with tales all about what it was like to sail the seven seas! 

#11 The Funniest Pancake Party in London

The Funniest Pancake Party in London is certainly a cool and unusual thing to do in Greenwich – and kids will love it! 

Not only will you make delicious crepes, but you’ll also learn a few words in French too. And of course, after you’ve made your delicious crepes, you can eat them. So, dinner is served!

#12 A Day on a Farm with Animals

You wouldn’t expect a farm in a huge city like London, but that’s what you get on this (highly affordable!) day tour. 

Meet sheep, guinea pigs, and even alpacas (careful, they might spit) on this escape from the city within the city. The tour is led by a professional tour guide with plenty of experience – so bring questions!

What to Do in Greenwich at Night

#13 Cruise along the Thames

If you’re looking to do something in London in the evening, there’s more than just going to a bar, restaurant, or cinema. To get a magnificent view of all the twinkling lights of the city skyline and Canary Wharf, why not consider a cruise along the Thames? Westminster to Greenwich and the Thames Barrier is one of the prettiest stretches of the river, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the views!

#14 Catch a comedy show

If you’re looking to something in London at night that DOES involve having a drink or two, head for Up the Creek Comedy. Not only do you get to see a great show at a quirky comedy club, but it’s followed by a late-night disco. Who knows, you might even end up dancing with Michael McIntyre!

Final Thoughts on the Best Things to Do in Greenwich

Whether you want to take the kids to a farm, see the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory, or take a tour from the comfort of a hot tub boat, there’s something to do in Greenwich for you! 

We’ve packed in loads of awesome things to do but do make sure you set some time aside to enjoy the great restaurants and bars that Greenwich has to offer too. There’s also one of the most historic markets in London if you fancy doing some shopping! 

For more handy travel tips on London, see more of Our expert travel writers know all the best museums to visit, restaurants to dine at, and places to stay, and they’re eager to share them with you. 

We hope you have an incredible trip! 

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