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Ninsdol: Brave New Westwood

At last – something collectable that actually makes you think. SEEN is very keen to get their hands on the latest project of Vivienne Westwood: NINSDOL playing cards – what better to keep us all off our wretched smartphones?

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#DAZEDKIDSNEWYORK Celebrates its London Launch with Dazed Magazine and Crystal Head Vodka

It will come as no surprise to regular readers to learn that SEEN loves Vodka, DKNY and Dazed Magazine. Thus, three of our favourites were combined to stunning effect at an exclusive party in Shoreditch (where else?). DKNY and Dazed magazine were in the East End to celebrate the London launch of the #DxKxNxYx acronym collection. The sweaters and tees feature the acronyms Designers Know Nothing Yet, Dazed Kids New York and Don’t Knock New York with cocktails by Crystal Head Vodka.

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Come anytime from 15th to 19th June at Regent’s Park to discover the Taste of London, a foodie wonderland offering five days of eating, drinking, entertainment and summer fun.

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SOHO stands with orlando

Last night, in an incredibly moving show of solidarity and defiance, thousands descended on Soho’s Old Compton Street to remember the men and women who were massacred in Orlando.

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Muhammad Ali’s Funeral Will Be Screened Live In London

Muhammad Ali had a strong affinity for London, visiting on many occasions. His first professional fight outside the US took place at Wembley in 1963, in a famous bout against Henry Cooper, followed by a rematch at Highbury three years later. The Standard has an excellent piece on Ali’s many other trips to our city, including the memorable 1999 visit to Brixton and the day he dressed up as a City gent.

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London’s Gardens and Squares – Open Next Weekend

Around 200 gardens across 25 London boroughs will be open to the public to explore for two days, 18th – 19th June, during the Open Garden Squares Weekend, a highly anticipated event in London’s cultural calendar, organised by the London Parks and Gardens Trust.

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Absolutely Fabulous: It’s the Movie, Sweetie Darling!

SEEN adored Ab Fab in the 90s and were thrilled to their Louboutin heels to discover that at long last a feature film was on the cards. Sensibly, the film sticks with the cast from the series: Jennifer Saunders as PR Edina, Joanna Lumley as the hapless fashion editor Patsy, Julia Sawalha as disapproving daughter Saffy, Jane Horrocks as daffy Bubble and June Whitfield as Edina’s long-suffering Mother.

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Spiceworld: The Exhibition

To coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Spice Girls hit single, Wannabe, Watford Colosseum will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to the 90’s pop phenomenon The Spice Girls.

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Flower-gifting brand FLOOM was launched earlier this year in London with a view to rolling out nationally and internationally in the near future. FLOOM aims to simplify the process of ordering & sending premium flowers online from top boutiques, without compromising on creativity and quality.