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Isabel: a Mayfair Idyll during London Fashion Week

If you’re doing London Fashion Week, you need to eat healthily and well if you’re going to stay the distance, in SEEN’s opinion. So we were delighted to learn about Isabel. And it really is idyllic – check out the fabulous lighting in the Dragon Room above… Whether you’re going to the shows or simply …

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Caprera’s Official Launch: Delicious Traceable Food Online

SEEN is delighted to announce that Caprera, the largest network of independent food and drink producers in the UK has now officially launched. After a successful trial period, Caprera is keen to target UK consumers who care about the quality and traceability of their food, and who know that this is not something they can get at supermarkets.

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SEEN Wishes The King & Co a Happy Second Birthday

Popular independent Clapham pub The King & Co turns two this month, and will celebrate its second birthday with a whole weekend of special events from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September.

The celebrations will begin with a Birthday Beer Festival on Friday evening, where owner Anthony Gunson and his craft beer-loving team will be bringing 20 of their favourite keg and cask beers back to the pub’s taps.

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Bottling Poetry: Gosnells London Mead at the Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe

You’d be forgiven for thinking that London is awash in gin-based cocktails this summer, but fear not, mead – that historic drink – is making a well-deserved comeback. As the Bard himself said in act 2, scene 3 of Othello: ‘Good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used.’ SEEN certainly hopes to put this to the test at Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe this September when the famous restaurant and bar will partner with Gosnells London Mead to launch Mead Mondays – a series of fun, interactive talks on the increasingly popular honey-based drink, to be held on every second Monday of the month, until November.

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SEEN Reviews Lunch at Flora Indica: Arcanum Delectamenti

Don’t be put off by the Brompton Road area in which Flora Indica finds itself; it’s dining with none of the expense that you might normally associate with West London. The day we visited, the front windows and doors were open, letting the sun and Earl’s Court bustle in, yet the ambience was more that of a film set with a steampunk wall full of pipes and mysterious valves, plus a blue telephone box that doubled as a bookings station.