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Enjoy the Feast of St. Patrick with with a Midleton Very Rare Champagne Cocktail at Corrigan’s of Mayfair

Londoners will know how enthusiastically the city enjoys St. Patrick’s Day. For a different and very luxurious experience of this auspicious day, you might want to try a trip to one of (Irishman born and bred), Richard Corrigan’s restaurants, particularly Corrigan’s Mayfair who will be hosting a full-day celebration for St. Patrick’s Day with Irish …

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Duck & Waffle at 110 Bishopsgate

Duck & Waffle is at the stunning 110 Bishopgate, London, where award-winning Executive Chef Daniel Doherty, Inspired by broad European and British influences and spirit, offers an array of dishes perfect for sampling and sharing. Absolutely everything SEEN loves!

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Bol Jars: Surprising Salad

SEEN has had the pleasure of trying these and can actually report that they make you feel full, an attribute I don’t normally associate with salad. They are hearty, packed with flavour and protein and handily come with dressing and a collapsible fork inside. There are four pots: The Californian; The Mediterranean; The Persian and The Japanese.

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Alhambra Reserva 1925: Spanish Amber in London

Regular readers of SEEN will know that we like to try something we haven’t tasted before. In between the rain and EU results, the sun does indeed shine in this fair city, and that’s when SEEN reaches for a nice ice-cold lager. Beers and lagers seem to be all over London this summer, just in time for the Olympics.

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Voyage to the Barbary Coast – in London

On 15th June, the team behind Soho’s El Palomar, siblings Layo and Zoë Paskin, along with Assaf Granit, Uri Navon and Eyal Jagermann, opened a new restaurant at Neal’s Yard to take Londoners on a gastronomic tour from the Barbary Coast of North Africa to Jerusalem, with a special focus on grilling and baking. SEEN can’t wait to visit.

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100 Islington: where East meets West

SEEN loves to keep you updated with the best London restaurants, and frankly, we can’t wait to visit 100 Islington, a new 140 cover Asian Fusion restaurant and bar that will open properly on Monday 27th of June at 270 Upper Street, Islington. The bar and restaurant is the second venue from those super-talented guys behind the successful Shoreditch smash hit, 100 Hoxton.

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A Traditional Danish Bakery in the Heart of London Fields

Passionate about the noble art of Danish baking, Michelin Star Chef Christoffer Hruskova, has teamed up with Danish baking master Per Brun, who makes yeast-free breads the natural way. They have recently opened The Bread Station, a traditional Danish Bakery at London Fields on Hemsley Place, offering artisan bread, pastries and coffee.