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A Short History of Fish and Chips: The Iconic Comfort Food

Say what you like about fish and chips, sometimes this is the dish that hits the spot when you’re really hungry. Fortunately for the citizens of London, the capital abounds in fish and chip shops to suit all pockets and palates. Just as well – it’s an iconic dish. This is because, for many Brits, fish and chips are associated with happy memories. We’ve eaten them on beaches, in the street, at home or out in restaurants. Every seaside town boasts a good chippy. You can always find them, there’s a huge queue outside. It’s cheap fast food, and the capital is no exception in providing this delicious meal to the masses.

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Summer in Provence: Simplicity is Beauty at Aubaine

If there’s a theme to Summer dining in London, then SEEN reckons it’s all about bringing the flavours of other cuisines into our lives. So imagine our delight when we heard that Aubaine, the all-day dining brasserie (with its own patisserie and boulangerie, lest we forget) is celebrating all things Provençal from Monday 18th July to Tuesday 30th August.

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Eat your Greens and Even Enjoy Them, at Rawligion

Rawligion is a new restaurant on Tottenham Street, which plans to revolutionise the way Londoners see their greens by offering plant-based food, thus providing delicious nourishment in its rawest possible form – all under the divine eye of celebrated consultant chef Kate Magic. SEEN can think of no finer way to get your five-a-day regime kickstarted.

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Caprera: A Food Revolution

In times of austerity and with bad news dominating the media, it’s always a good plan to go back to basics in the things that give us simple pleasure. Regular readers of SEEN will know that we love the seasonality, freshness and sustainability of many food producers, restaurants, and pop ups that predominate in London (particularly over the summer months), so imagine our delight when we discovered what Caprera is all about.

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Classic Meets Modern: SEEN Lunches at Hatchetts

SEEN was delighted to lunch in the cool basement restaurant of Hatchetts last Friday the 8th – the day of their launch. You’d never believe that busy Piccadilly was just a few steps away on one side and bustling Shepherds Market a few steps away on the other side. In fact Hatchetts seems so well–hidden that SEEN could imagine having a clandestine assignation with someone there.

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The Cinnamon Club: a Temple to Indian Cuisine in London

Indian food has had a place in Britain’s culinary history for decades, but The Cinnamon Club has become an institution in just over ten years, serving innovative Indian cuisine in a truly historic setting — the Grade II listed former Westminster Library. SEEN has witnessed at first hand how The Cinnamon Club has remained a stalwart in London’s ever-evolving restaurant scene.

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Exclusive Summer Cocktails from Foxlow and Sipsmith

Once again, SEEN ventures on to the hot, thirsty streets of London to bring you the very best in summer cocktails. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Everywhere you look, gin cocktails seem to be the order of the day, so why not try the iconic Sipsmith brand at the Foxlow …

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Duck & Waffle at 110 Bishopsgate

Duck & Waffle is at the stunning 110 Bishopgate, London, where award-winning Executive Chef Daniel Doherty, Inspired by broad European and British influences and spirit, offers an array of dishes perfect for sampling and sharing. Absolutely everything SEEN loves!