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Reveries of the Generative Mind: Expanding Systems at APT Gallery

SEEN makes no apology for riffing on Werner Herzog’s film on the Internet’s birth. Indeed that film would be the ideal companion piece to the latest fascinating exhibition taking place in Deptford’s APT Gallery. Expanding Systems explores the analogue, digital, generative and abstract production of art and how much it’s about the process as much …

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You’ve still got the chance to visit Champagne Life, the all-female art show staged to mark Saatchi Gallery’s thirtieth anniversary. Re-opening on 2nd March after London Fashion Week, it features the work of 14 female artists from countries as diverse as France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Iran and Serbia.

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From online gallery to one of the freshest art venues in East London, Hang-Up Gallery showcases some of the best urban artists in the world.

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Conceptual Art in Britain 1964 – 1979

This unique exhibition, opening at Tate Britain from 12th April to 29th August 2016, will show how conceptual art mirrored the thought-provoking and politically engaged nature of a tumultuous period of social and political upheaval, that started with Harold Wilson’s first Labour government, and ended with the election of Margaret Thatcher.

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Friday Late: Radio V&A

February’s Friday Late: Radio V&A will investigate the history and culture of radio, from a vital mode of communication to a bitesize podcast.

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Lights of Soho: The revival of neon

As part of the Save Soho movement, Lights of Soho art gallery is bringing back the colorful, old school Soho, that funky side of London that used to be filled with neon light signs back in the day.

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Rugman ‘Sister, Mother’

Born in Glasgow, Rugman currently lives and works out of east London. Two areas of exploration for the artist are modern iconography and the power of symbols.