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We are the readers and now so are you

SEEN is always intrigued by new venues for art exhibition. Matt Tate and his fellow students at the RCA Visual Communication course did just this at Tenderbooks. This happy marriage of art and the written word serves to illustrate (pun intended) how effectively different non-gallery spaces can enrich the culture of the city. Readings took …

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Lights of Soho: Second Annual Submission to Set Brewer Street Aglow

London’s premier showcase of neon and light art is proud to announce its second annual submission. New and established artists in the form are invited to submit. Their work will be curated by a special guest artist whose name will be revealed in due course. Last year’s submissions were curated by Robert Montgomery, the famous text artist, who works with fire, light and billboards amongst other media, so SEEN expects the standards to be very high. The exhibition will be open to the public from 28th September – 29th October 2016.

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Björk Digital: Virtual Reality Diva

SEEN is very excited about the European premiere of Björk Digital, an exhibition of digital and video works, resulting from Björk’s collaborations with some of the finest visual artists and programmers in the world, and coinciding with a special performance at the Royal Albert Hall. This immersive VR exhibition will take place from 1st September to 23rd October 2016, at Somerset House.

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Travel Photographer of the Year at University of Greenwich

If you’re a frequent reader of SEEN, you’ll know that we love photography. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that some of the world’s best travel pictures are on show at the University of Greenwich from 22nd July until Sunday 4th September. They have been taken by photographers from over 100 countries, offering their …

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Lydia Kasumi: Paper Magician

SEEN attended a paper-folding workshop recently and made a cracker for Christmas in which we could place a gift. The cracker was designed by the talented Lydia Kasumi, who creates the most remarkable paper designs for a host of clients.

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David Bowie’s Private Art Collection Unveiled

SEEN is a huge fan of all things Bowie-related, so what better way to remember the Thin White Duke by admiring his personal art collection – including important paintings by 20th Century Masters – which will tour the world, ending up in London to lead a major 10-day exhibition and auction at Sotheby’s. Be the first to get a glimpse at the preview from 20th July – 9th August, before the collection goes on the road.

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Paul Broomfield: Conscious While the World Sleeps

SEEN recently covered the ‘Contemporary Vanitas’ exhibition at the fabulous Lights of Soho Gallery, so we were thrilled to discover that one of the artists from that show, Paul Broomfield, has a solo show coming up tomorrow at Notting Hill’s Tabernacle.

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Armen Eloyan at Timothy Taylor: Garden

SEEN was very taken with the huge paintings on display at Timothy Taylor’s Mayfair gallery. The huge space is well suited to Eloyan’s latest work ‘Garden’; a concept that contains and displays large-scale canvases and bronze sculptures.

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Herr Nilsson Fills the Lights of Soho with Sinister Sunshine

SEEN’s favourite gallery and members’ bar is playing host to another of their exciting takeovers; this time by Herr Nilsson, as the subversive Swedish street artist launches “Fill the World with Sunshine”. Presented by Mead Carney, this disturbing blend of Disney and irreverent humour gets the neon treatment in this fabulous Soho space.