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Double Concrete House by Inter Urban Studios

Double Concrete House is the outstanding extension and renovation project by Inter Urban Studios of a semi-detached Arts and Crafts-style London home ‘between the Commons’. The house, located in Nightingale Lane, London, has been shortlisted as one of the 24 best projects presented to the Don’t Move, Improve! 2017 Competition. Will this be the winner of the seventh edition of this New London Architecture competition, to be announced on 26th January?

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Don’t Move, Improve! Competition 2017

The annual ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ Competition has been organised by New London Architecture (NLA) for seven years. This year they have shortlisted the 24 best-designed and most innovative new home extension projects completed in the last two years across Greater London. Now this year’s best projects – all showing exceptional innovation and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of better living spaces in a city as busy and crowded as London – will be showcased in an exhibition to start on 27th January 2017, the day after the overall winners are announced.

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Letting the Light In: R2 Studio Remodel a 1960s Council House

Art critic John Ruskin once said, ‘the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.’ SEEN was therefore very intrigued by a remodelling that has taken place on the Delawyk Estate in Herne Hill. R2 Studio, famous for their use of bright colour has remodelled a Delawyk Module House, creating a bright and playful interior for the residents – a young family with two children. It has proved to be such a popular initiative that other residents on the estate are following suit. The houses on the estate are mostly private now, thanks to the government’s right-to-buy scheme.

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Paul Smith: No. 9 Albemarle Street – the Pattern of Mayfair

Walking along Mayfair, you are always struck by the magnificence of the architectural style of every building. No. 9, Albemarle Street stands out amongst them all: a solemn cast iron façade of a building that has its roots firmly planted in the history of the area, which features on architecture tours of the city. It is the home of Paul Smith’s flagship shop, selling men’s and women’s clothes, accessories and a selection of specially sourced furniture.

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A New Garden Bridge above the River Thames

The Garden Bridge is a visionary project for a new pedestrian bridge that will stretch across the River Thames, holding an extensive garden. The idea of creating a floating garden above the river to connect north and south London was first envisaged by actor and campaigner Joanna Lumley, and later designed by Heatherwick Studio, alongside engineers Arup and landscape designer Dan Pearson. Now, they are working closely with Transport for London to develop this fantastic project that will provide new green walking routes to and from Covent Garden and Soho, due to start in 2017 to become a reality in 2019.