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Zaha Hadid’s Early Work at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery is now paying homage to renowned architect Zaha Hadid through an exhibition of her early painting,s now on display until 12th February 2017. The Gallery, spectacularly renovated and extended by her practice in 2013, is indeed the perfect place to host this presentation, first conceived with Hadid herself as her manifesto of a utopian world.

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Serpentine Summer Houses For Sale: Art-Meets-Architecture from The Modern House

When The Modern House came into existence in central London back in 2005, it pioneered a new marketplace for Britain’s best modern architecture. Their name was inspired by FRS Yorke’s celebrated book ‘The Modern House’ (1934), which introduced Modern Movement architecture to a British audience. More than a decade later, they are still successfully selling Britain’s finest examples of modern architecture. The built environment is in a state of constant flux, with people carrying out remarkable new projects in all corners of the country, and particularly in London.

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Sadie Williams

“I’ve always been quite mad about clothes. I used to choose my outfits for school from when I was a really little girl because my primary school had no uniform, so I remember experimenting with my style from then.”