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Isabel: a Mayfair Idyll during London Fashion Week

If you’re doing London Fashion Week, you need to eat healthily and well if you’re going to stay the distance, in SEEN’s opinion. So we were delighted to learn about Isabel. And it really is idyllic – check out the fabulous lighting in the Dragon Room above… Whether you’re going to the shows or simply looking to get in on the action, Mayfair hotspot, Isabel, embodies all the stylish glory of London Fashion Week, whilst also providing a relaxing idyll during the hustle and bustle of it all. For those looking to hold a business breakfast or a quick catch-up with friends, Isabel is much-loved by stylish locals and food-lovers alike.

The Isabel breakfast menu features the restaurant’s signature freshly-baked arepas, a savoury pancake-style dish made from a special cornflour, popular in South America from where the Isabel menus take most of their inspiration. Guests can have classic breakfast egg dishes on arepas including eggs benedict, eggs florentine and the restaurant’s signature dish; poached eggs, avocado, almonds and cayenne on arepa. A newly-created collection of breakfast cocktails and smoothies are also available. The Isabel breakfast counter comprises a selection of baked breads and fresh pastries that are made on-site each morning, along with an array of grains, berries, fresh fruit and cold-pressed juices. A nutritious and balanced offer that is synonymous with the Santa Cruz Co. approach to dining.

Juan Santa Cruz, founder of Santa Cruz Co., says: ‘I’m loving how much people in London are liking our arepas, which originate from Venezuela and Colombia. They are extremely versatile and can be had for breakfast with eggs, as a South American-style pizzetta, or as a pre-dinner canapé at the bar with a cocktail. They are baked or grilled, therefore minimising the use of fat. They’re gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free and full of antioxidants, a great alternative to bread and wheat in general.’

From the mirrored ebony bar and polished brass lamps to the plates and menus, everything has been beautifully designed by Founder Juan Santa Cruz, including the restaurant’s signature scent.

26 Albemarle Street