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Intergalactic Earthboogie

SEEN simply must bring Earthboogie to your attention… British duo Izaak Gray & Nicola Robinson’s musical vision is best summed up by their self-proclaimed dedication to all things “intergalactic, cosmic, tribal and terrestrial”. Best described as world dance music, their productions are drawn from inspiring sounds from across the globe; African, Latin and Eastern sounds are present in all their productions, which have sprouted from collaborations with singers such as Nina Miranda, and Angelique Kidjo. With clear parallels between the Afro-cosmic work of Italian pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, rock guitars, disco riffs, vintage synthesizers and heavy African drum rhythms are all thrown in the melting pot.

Earthboogie’s debut album, Human Call, rightly earned praise upon its release earlier in the year, with listeners responding positively to its sticky and humid dancefloor fusions of African and South American rhythms, chunky dub disco, retro-futurist house, spacey analogue electronics and sun-kissed Balearica. Then followed a super cool remix EP here as Running Back head honcho Gerd Janson and the ever so pleasing Pete Herbert rejig High Minded Man and Silken Moon from the album.

SEEN had the great good fortune to catch up with the duo recently and asked them a few searching questions…

SEEN: loves the Earthboogie sound! We challenge anyone not to get up and dance. As your sound draws on so many cultural influences, is your audience equally diverse?
EARTHBOOGIE: We’d like to hope so, as its a time when internationalism needs defending. Every time we travel we take the energy into our music. We were very inspired musically on a recent trip to Indonesia where we DJ’d an Indonesian-American wedding, which involved nerding up on Indonesian music.

S: Having already collaborated with the likes of Nina Miranda and Angelique Kidjo, do you have anyone else in your sights?
EB: We’ve already started some casual recording sessions with some really unique singers who are friends of ours ie Eniye Kagbala, Ntem & Natalie Soden. The music from these sessions will evolve organically.

S: Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, rock guitars, disco riffs, vintage synthesisers and heavy African drum rhythms… What were you guys listening to growing up? Are your families musical?
NicolaI personally grew up listening to lots of Opera music as my grandmother was a German Opera Singer. Classical music was always present. My parents grew up in south London Brixton and were huge funk, disco and boogie fans. My dad loves great psychedelic bands, soul and rock, MOD music etc. Their records collection was packed with Reggae, Latin, Brazilian and African records. My parents love Salsa also so they have really grown into world music. I have fond memories of The Beatles, Arther Conley, Madonna & Bob Marley records. My love for electronic music grew with age and also my discovery of the musical landscape available from cultures. At the moment I love Turkish Disco!

SEEN needs no second bidding… let’s enjoy some some Arther Conley:

IzaakLots of music with guitars. I used to play guitar. I say used to, and by that I mean I used to play a fair bit less badly than I do now, as I mostly just rock the
keyboard and mouse these days. Even so, there are guitars in everything we make. I also remember in my pre-double digits having a Moby CD, a Morcheeba CD, and a Fatboy slim CD. I didn’t discover international music until University, where I mostly sacked off my degree to instead attempt to digitise the entire CD library there.

S: With such a joyous vibe, SEEN can only imagine your gigs are fabulous. Any favourite venues so far?
EB: Our album launch was pretty wild. We had The Provibers and also Pomba Girls at Nine Lives bar alongside DJ’s Sean Gorham, Ultra Disko & Lucid Stannard. All of whom are very special individuals. We also installed The Earthboogie Sound System into the club for the 24 hours. The cocktails, the interior and most of all the team make that place really unique and special. People dance freely all night!

S: Where do you like to go in London?
EB: Everywhere! But surely Brilliant Corners, the Lion & Lamb, and The Barbican get a special mention.

Thank you Earthboogie! You can buy their wonderful new remix EP here.