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Kräftpremiär at Aquavit: London gets the crayfish party started

If you haven’t been to Aquavit in St James’s Market, do go. It’s a most hospitable place: glorious food and drink, beautiful art on the walls and a friendly welcome.

The Swedish crayfish tradition started when restrictions on harvesting were introduced in the early 1900s, and the delicacy became an exclusive and sought-after luxury. Today the tradition lives on and is still one of the biggest celebrations in the Swedish calendar. With events, dishes and drinks to suit all occasions, Aquavit London will be bringing the Kräftpremiär, or crayfish party, to London with offerings in the restaurant. The party started on the 28th July, and is set to culminate on the 13th September.

The event will take place outside the restaurant, with guests seated on two long communal tables, with the beautifully redeveloped St James’s Market providing the perfect alfresco setting to experience this classically Swedish celebration.

Traditional decorations, hats, bibs and a song booklet will adorn the tables. Guests will enjoy a lavish Nordic-inspired meal including limitless crayfish, alongside Västerbotten cheese tarts, dill mayonnaise, chips and a wonderful selection of aquavits from O.P. Anderson. For those who cannot wait until September to indulge in a crayfish celebration, guests will be able to order crayfish with Västerbotten tart, watercress and dill mayonnaise in the restaurant. This delicious dish will be a true celebration of crayfish, and can be perfectly paired with London’s largest collection of aquavit, all served from the restaurant’s bespoke aquavit trolley.

Tickets for Kräftpremiär on the 13th September will be priced at £70, including two shots of aquavit and guests can enjoy unlimited crayfish between 6:30 – 9:30pm. Please book here.

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