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‘Rush’ at the Space: Reveries of the Disconnected Mind

SEEN has been fortunate enough to see some cracking fringe theatre lately, most recently RUSH written and directed by Tiwalade Ibirogba-Olulode in her directorial debut at the Space.

Taking as its theme the anxiety and depression engendered by the digital age and the relentless need for connection that predominates modern life (particularly for young people), Rush pulls no punches in its critique: we’re so busy posting our online moments we’re losing the ability to relate to others and establish exactly what our own needs are. Media pressures to be prettier, or more successful are pilloried to often hilarious effect. Even the victim of a natural disaster is secondary to the best angle to shoot them from.

The cast (cleverly all called Alex) take us through all the stages of life and do not flinch at difficult subjects like child abuse. Some things remain hidden even in an age where it’s all supposedly out there…

Flawlessly choreographed and fearlessly mounted, this production marks the talented Ibirogba-Olulode as one to watch. Get tickets while you can. It was pretty much sold out last night and is only on until 25th August.

The Space
269 Westferry Road
Isle of Dogs
E14 3RS