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The Space: I Occur Here

It often strikes SEEN what a mercurial (if not unstable) space the Space Theatre is. Entrances change with each play; the seats are arranged in different ways. You’re never really quite sure of where you are. It is entirely fitting then, that ‘I Occur Here’ is playing here for four days.

It’s an intensely physical piece where the actors play iterations of themselves; that is, not from here but struggling to live rather than just survive. But where are they really? Having left any sense of hearth and home behind (with varying degrees of regret) they each strive to recreate a sense of belonging, donning and shedding clothes, frenetically packing and unpacking, attaching themselves to objects, deluding themselves that these physical totems are what makes a place home. Meanwhile disembodied voices define them as types of traveller or different methods of assimilation and mimicry.

The standout for SEEN was a fantasy sequence involving dragons and glitter, but even mythology is of limited use to the dispossessed, who in an eternal existential game of snakes and ladders may just have to settle with occurring where they are rather than any kind of life as we understand it.

It’s a sobering piece, desperately relevant with Brexit looming. The four migrants, played by Daniela Cristo Mantilla, Nathalie Czarnecki, Santiago Del Fosco and Hanna Winter revolved around each other like planets in a sleepless universe. Whatever they thought life in the UK would be like, I bet it wasn’t this. On until 18th August. Catch it while you can.

The Space
269 Westferry Road
E14 3RS