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10 Strawberry Energy smart benches unveiled in Southwark

In London, from today 15th August 2018, for the first time, Londoners can enjoy the next generation in urban furniture, with free phone charging, Wi-Fi, and advanced environmental information – thanks to the launch of Strawberry Energy’s new smart benches.

Cllr Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council, joined Miloš Milisavljević, founder and CEO of Strawberry Energy to celebrate the arrival of the new benches in Southwark on 14th August. The launch marks an important step in realising aims of a wide network of solar-powered benches across London, helping transform the capital into a truly smart city.

The new benches feature the latest advancements and design in smart urban furniture. They have four built-in charging cables, two USB ports and two wireless charging pads, as well as free Wi-Fi. In addition, they are equipped with highly advanced air quality sensors including CO, NO2, O3, SO2, N2S, respiratory irritants and much more.

These cutting edge sensors can measure a much wider range of environmental indicators, to help give a better understanding of air quality on a micro level. This will not only enable people to make low-pollution travel plans and track their daily exposure, but also feeds important pollution data back to local councils, helping them to improve air quality in the capital.

Featuring a new design that takes up less space on the pavement, the benches are being installed free of charge to a range of inner London Councils, through sponsorship partnerships, similar to the Santander cycle hire scheme.

Southwark plans to install 29 of Strawberry Energy’s smart benches in total. Islington is currently trialling two with 25 planned, and Lewisham has installed 10 of 25 planned. They join smart benches, which can be found in 30 cities across 17 countries, bringing the power of the Internet of Things to help regenerate public spaces and make urban areas smarter and more convenient to live in.

Miloš Milisavljević, founder and CEO if Strawberry Energy comments: “We’re passionate about changing the face of urban living, providing outdoor spaces that meet the needs of a modern, mobile generation. Power and Wi-Fi are like the air and water of the 21st Century and we’re delighted that Southwark and other London Councils are as committed as we are to providing residents and visitors alike with free charging and connectivity. Our new benches are also pushing frontiers in air quality measurement, helping meet the London Mayor’s aims of improving air quality in the city.”

“There are so many obsolete items in urban spaces that we believe could be reinvented to add real value. We’re already working on designs for smart pay phones and smart bus shelters, as well as constantly looking for ways to improve our flagship benches.”

“The smart cities revolution is only just beginning, and we want to continue to be a driving force behind it. We think it is really important that local people own a part of their smart city and, as such, we invite all Londoners to help further improve their public spaces by investing with us, so that we can keep creating products that can sit at the heart of the sustainable cities of the future.”