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Baozilnn: Soup Dumplings to Die For

It is SEEN’s observation that Soho, despite much harrumphing about corporate gentrification and rent hikes, is still a district of many moods. The sex shops still lurk here and there, the clubs and pubs spill out onto the pavement, people still drink their pints in the middle of the road in the summer (what IS that about?), women weep in the gutter, having lost their shoes or their friends or both, tourists wander in bemusement at the sheer strangeness of it all, and there right on the corner of Romilly Street and Frith Street sits the marvellous Baozilnn, a veritable oasis of air-conditioned calm amid the bustle.

We were glad to stagger in from the heat. The friendly staff showed SEEN and her guest to a window-seat where we ordered Tsingtao beer to cut through the dust of the street. We sensibly put ourselves in the capable hands of the lovely waiter, who recommended a medley of wontons, outstanding dumplings, dim sum, noodles and brioche (of all things!). Prawns, pork, vegetables… It was all scrumptious. We couldn’t stop eating. Special mention must go to the multicoloured soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao), and the succulent pork skewers. We finished with tiny pak choi and some hearty noodles in a peanut sauce. SEEN will gladly challenge anyone not to find at least ten things on the extensive menu that they don’t enjoy.

We’ll be back for the dumplings and the brioche steamed buns (made in-house). They were so light and the meat filling so tasty. We had little dishes of hot chilli oil in which to dip our food and plenty of cucumber water to refresh us. It’s not difficult to see how Baozilnn is rapidly becoming a go-to destination. Recommended.

24 Romilly Street