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Last chance to try: Oatly Vegan Custard Bombolone Sandwich

Much to SEEN’s delight, this is totally a thing! Everyone’s favourite oat milk, Oatly, has teamed up with everyone’s favourite sandwich inventor, Max Halley (founder of Max’s Sandwich Shop) a for a delicious collaboration this August: the ‘Oatly Vegan Custard Bombolone Sandwich’.

Available at Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill, the sandwich will be tantalising everyone’s vegan palate until the 13th August, so get in.

This one-of-a-kind sandwich will be filled with a wacky combo of salty and sweet flavourings. The sandwich features deep fried custard balls, shoestring salt and vinegar fries, blackcurrant jam and Max’s trademark sourdough, all 100% vegan!

Max’s Sandwich Shop
19 Crouch Hill
N4 4AP