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The Queue Was The Catwalk: Super Sharp Reloaded

Saul Milton and Tory Turk present Super Sharp Reloaded, the second instalment of RETURN II JUNGLE. Read about the first instalment here. Held at Selfridges on the 3rd floor in the Designer Studio, the latest instalment will consist of a static installation inspired by British music and fashion of the golden years of Jungle music from the mid-late 90s.

Initiated by Saul Milton’s extensive Moschino Collection, this unique display will explore the way in which the Jungle era played host to the appropriation of Italian high fashion labels.

Drawing on Jungle music whilst also transporting it into the present day, and re-vamping the genre for the modern-day music fan, the installation will be accompanied by a specially curated soundtrack by Saul, featuring audio quotes from jungle artists such as Navigator, Uncle Dugs and renowned writer Brian Belle-Fortune. There will also be a specially created film by Tom Archer, featuring rare footage by Garry Clarke from his archive of junglists and ravers at popular club nights such as One Nation and venues like Sanctuary.

Super Sharp Reloaded will also feature a pop up shop, offering specially selected product from Vintage sellers – including Wavey Garms, Jazzy Badger, Serotonin Vintage/194 Local & Nothing Special. Rare and exclusive pieces will be available to purchase from designer brands such as Moschino, Versace, Iceberg and D&G.
Speaking on the concept of the installation and its relationship to rave culture, Saul explains: “The queue was the catwalk.” The individual fashion statements made by the hundreds of revellers lined up for a club night together constituted rave style. Continuing, Tory Turk comments: “In a generation where people have access to a ‘supermarket of style’ it’s exciting to have the opportunity to give a subculture’s roots a nod through cultural display in a retail space. Super Sharp at Selfridges celebrates Jungle culture and educates a new audience on the music and fashion of that time, one that is now influencing a new subculture of vintage designer enthusiasts.”

“Now is time to look forward to the future – we want to create and spearhead a new cultural movement.” [Saul Milton] Through periods of social and economic downturn, great music and fashion is made, and in the past year, the UK has seen a throwback to the 90’s heyday. “The 90s designer label trend was all about wearing your wealth, showing other people how much money you had. In times of economic insecurity, the wearing of flashy designer labels is a rebellious statement.” [Tory Turk]

Super Sharp Reloaded arrives in the fifteenth year of Chase & Status. Going full circle with fashion to how it was in the 90s, 2018 sees the youth flashing designer labels, and listening to music in synch with their image.

The installation takes inspiration from and continues to collaborate with London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery, which commissioned and hosted the Super Sharp exhibition earlier this year.

RTRN II Jungle comprises a series of exhibitions, documentaries, tour dates with Chase & Status making the music that crafted their careers, Jungle Drum & Bass.
Tory Turk is an independent exhibition curator, specialising in style and popular culture. She is also Head Archivist & Creative Lead of the Hyman Archive (the world’s largest magazine collection).

Saul Milton is one half of Drum & Bass duo Chase & Status. Chase & Status are one of the most successful British bands of the past decade, having sold over 3.5 million records, and producing for artists such as Rihanna and Snoop Dog

Designer Studio
Floor 3
400 Oxford Street
DATES: Thursday 9 August – Thursday 6 September 2018