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The Plymouth Gin Garden at the Wigmore: Botanical Masterclasses

Isn’t it funny how you can live half your life in London yet be completely unaware of some beautiful places? One such is the Wigmore, under the Langham up by the BBC building near Oxford Circus. It’s an intimate wood-panelled pub but spacious and luxurious in ambience and atmosphere. Until September, one of Britain’s most venerable gin brands, Plymouth, has taken over their splendid garden and will be hosting master classes in gin blending. It’s great fun; upon donning your white lab coat, you will be given a short history of the brand and a little nosing glass of gin, which does have an alcoholic burn to it at first taste – one dash of water later and we were all appreciating the botanicals contained therein. Plymouth Gin is actually quite smooth, it doesn’t knock your head off.

The fun really began with blending our own gin using about 40 ml of the juniper gin to start. SEEN loves a dry gin, so we want heavy on the angelica, easy on the cardamom and added a hint of orange and lemon peel to balance it out. Having lined our stomachs with gin, it was obviously time for some food: smoked salmon blinis, delicious cheese toasties and heavenly salty fries prepared us for a lovely pink gin cocktail, with a platter of cured meats and thin crispy flatbread. Plymouth is one of the oldest brands in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many young, upstart gins in London, it’s grand to sample some with such a heritage.

The Wigmore
Plymouth Gin Garden
(Entrance to the Garden is at the side)
15 Langham Place
Regent Street,