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Christmas in July: Atelier Swarovski

SEEN never turns down the chance to visit Atelier Swarovski. As you enter their lobby, literally everything sparkles; all the more so if it’s a sunny day. It is at once uplifting and somehow disorienting. The facets catch the light and confuse your eye. There’s a sort of luxe perfection to the objects and jewellery, an ascent to the summit of creation. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas here – from the gorgeously luxurious to stocking-fillers.

Photo credit: Mark Colliton London UK

The stand-out for SEEN was a stunning chess set by Daniel Libeskind that cleverly embodies maps and architectural motifs, but we were also entranced by the multifunctional Lumen vases and candleholders by Barbara Barry in smoky blue and yellow. Aldo Bakker’s Facet single-stem vases were almost hypnotising with the play of light on them. The base acts as a water pool and the sides interconnect, made from crystal or polished stone. The emphasis is on subtle colours; pinks, blues and clear crystal. Tomas Alonso creates pieces that are essentially ‘jewellery for the home’ and it’s true – the prisms that edge the marble bases are kaleidoscopic and cheerful in their attraction. Tord Boontje has created Lux Orbit, a series of light elegant lanterns scattered with crystals that have an otherworldly astronomical quality, inspired by galactic photography. On the stocking-filler side, there was a series of candle holders engraved with fractal gem facets, calm and meditative.

Photo credit: Mark Colliton London UK

While SEEN was at the Atelier she saw the Lola necklace designed by Penelope Cruz, beautiful created cut rubies set amid created diamonds, that also had a dependent chain from the fastening at the back – a sensible design choice when you have a backless gown on. The stones themselves were created using the latest technology where – as SEEN understood it – molecules were grown in the laboratory to create a new and unique gem. There seems something rather profound about this use of scientific endeavour, as though the forces of nature have been harnessed, thus inspiring new ethical and aesthetic considerations.

As the actress herself commented: “I am lucky to be in a position where I can to help shine a light on conscious luxury and create products that have a positive impact. Today, when we buy something we want to know what is it, where it comes from, how it was made, what it involves. I am proud to be working with Atelier Swarovski and responsibly-sourced Fairtrade Gold for this collection.”

As ever, Swarovski continues to be a world leader in collaborating with designers such as Mary Katrantzou, Tabitha Simmons, and Peter Pilotti to name but three. They are ubiquitous on the catwalk, reinventing the use of crystal in each fashion season. Again, the jewellery shimmers to perfection – these are heirlooms in the making.

London Stockists:
Harvey Nichols
109-125 Knightsbridge

Swarovski Boutique (Covent Garden)
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