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Xu: Masters of Tea

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world – T’ien Yi Heng

SEEN is delighted to hear that from 29th July, XU will transform into an authentic Taiwanese Teahouse during the day. Not only that, they are excited to extend a 50% launch offer, from now to 29th July.

This summer, XU is bringing the authentic experience of a traditional Taiwanese Teahouse to London. Inspired by the Taiwanese heritage of the co-founders, the new Teahouse will immerse guests in the unique culture surrounding tea in Taiwan.

In Taipei, the ceremony of tea plays a pivotal role, featuring heavily in the daily lives of those who live there. XU, which offers a unique journey through Taiwanese culture and cuisine, will transform into an authentic Taiwan teahouse during the day. Guests will be able to escape the bustling streets of Soho to indulge in the ceremony of tea and sink into an oasis of calm.

The XU Teahouse will offer traditional Taiwanese ways to enjoy tea, from a single cup to a full Afternoon Tea Ceremony. Well-versed in the delicate intricacies of tea, highly skilled Tea Experts, headed up by the in-house Tea Master, will share their knowledge, stories and anecdotes around the history of the teas, as well as offering insight into growing techniques, flavour profiles and expert brewing methods.

During the full Afternoon Tea Ceremony, a Tea Expert will take guests on a journey from savoury to sweet Taiwanese dishes, accompanied by their recommendations of perfectly paired teas, some of which are rarely enjoyed outside of Taiwan. A Vegetarian Menu, to start, the likes of Char Sui Hen of the Woods Puff will be served alongside a Seasonal Cold Brew Tea, such as the Mixed Berry Oriental Beauty Cold Brew, before guests will be invited to opt for a choice of teas from the expansive menu to accompany the chef’s selection of Taiwanese pastries. For a special occasion, XU’s Sparkling Afternoon Tea Ceremony offers a choice of sparkling teas in place of the Seasonal Cold brew.

The Traditional Tea Service allows guests to explore the evolving complexity of a single tea leaf variety, served in the traditional way and brewed multiple times, with the Tea Expert on hand to explain the brewing process and evolution of flavour. Guests with less time can order one Brewed Tea from the extensive tea menu.

The XU Teahouse lunch menu features a variety of rice bowls, such as the Goose & Chard Rice (£9) and the Teahouse Expert can offer advice on the best tea pairing options. The XU à la carte menu will be served upstairs in the restaurant area.

XU’s handcrafted clay pots and tea trays have been hand made by local artist and ceramicist Anna Hodgson and the new Teahouse menu features an illustration by renowned artist Thibaud Hérem (of Grand Budapest Hotel). Loose Leaf Teas will also be available to purchase, such as the Temple Pomelo Tea, an earthy yet fragrant tea, created using a traditional Hakka method where the pomelo fruit has been steamed, baked and aged for at least 60 years.

XU Teahouse and Restaurant offers a unique escape from the busy the streets outside. The gentle murmur of the teahouse will echo the sounds loved by one of the founder’s grandfather, Master Xu, who spent much of his time in the teahouses of Taipei. Those who enter will see guests enjoying authentic Taiwanese dishes, smell the fresh brewing of tea and hear the click-clack of Mahjong Tiles, from those playing the game in the secret Mahjong rooms. Those who visit, will walk through the door and enter the Taipei of olden days.

Xu Teahouse
30 Rupert Street