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Poilâne: the beautiful game and the beautiful bread

Step forward all you Poliâne and football lovers! You know who you are… Celebrate the 2018 World Cup this summer with a delicious bespoke football bread created by Poilâne. Designed by Parisian boulanger, Lionel Poilâne and sculptor César for the 1998 World Cup, the Poilâne® football bread provides the perfect centrepiece for your table to help you support England on their way to the World Cup.

If you didn’t know the history, Poilâne began in 1932 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés when Pierre Poilâne decided to make bread his way: generous loaves made from stone-ground wheat, a natural sourdough fermentation and baked in a wood-fired oven, favouring quality over quantity. Poilâne continues today as the epitome of artisanal craftsmanship in the bakery world, with loaves that are handmade, and cooked using only natural fermentation techniques with no preservatives or additives. Today, the breads are present in all regions in France and in more than 30 countries, with two locations in London, presided over by the founder’s granddaughter Apollonia Poilâne. As well as their famous sourdough bread, Poilâne’s range extends to walnut bread, rye bread, rye, raisin bread, brioches, pastries and butter cookies.

The limited edition homemade football replica is perfectly designed for sharing at parties in front of the matches and will complement any mouth-watering dips and spreads. Made in a whole piece, Poilâne’s football bread is a technical feat in the bakery world. You can pair your bread with delectable cheeses, tasty charcuterie or sweet fillings to make sure guests are ready for the exciting games in front of the big screen.

You can continue the culinary celebrations and continue to support England’s winning streak with Poilâne’s football bread. The football bread can be ordered 72 hours in advance from Poilâne’s stores or online. The bread is available until July 18th and is priced at £29.

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