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Bottles: In Vino Veritas

If there’s one thing that SEEN has observed on her tireless research around London on the subject of food and drink, it’s that everyone’s game is UP in their quest to give lucky Londoners a unique experience.

Now generally, when dining, one does not converse with one’s fellow diners unless it is to alert them that their handbag is on fire. Such reserve is politely discouraged at the marvellous Bottles, where discourse with your nighbours at the large communal table on the ground floor is the order of the day. Thus it was that SEEN and her guest gossiped freely with our neighbours, admired what other diners ordered and discussed exactly what ‘sugar-free’ wine actually meant…

We chose a small Cured Meat Platter to share and chatted to the lovely waiter/sommeliers, all of whom were very knowledgeable about what they were serving. The fennel-infused ham was particularly delicious. We drank a lovely light prosecco (Malibran Sottoriva) and a delicious red wine that had a hint of tannin at first sip, but was very smooth on the finish. We each had lovely Asparagus dish – so fresh it practically leapt off the plate. SEEN’s guest also had a lovely Beef dish while SEEN contented herself with a lovely Apricot Tiramisu: utterly scrumptious. It was lovely and cool within the resturant – a relief in the heatwave. Do avail yoursleves of the restrooms – they’re worth a visit for their design alone. There’s a space downstairs, and small tables out in the market for couples but for us, the communal table was the winner.

It’s another observation of SEEN’s that to qualify as truly outstanding, a new venue must score highly in four categories: Good food, good drink, good atmosphere and good service (the last being an art in itself). SEEN is pleased to say that Bottles more than fulfils each category in our eyes and is set to make a killing. What a fabulous addition to lucky Spitalfields.

Old Spitalfields Market
67 Brushfield Sttreet
E1 6AA