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Afternoon Par-Tea: SEEN Partakes

What a relief it was to stagger off the boiling Bethnal Green Road and into the delightfully cool (in every sense of the word) environs of The Cocktail Trading Company. We were shown to our seats and poured soothing cucumber water and soon a refreshing Cup-o-Punch slaked the thirsts of the assembled company. Forget anything you’ve ever thought about punch; usually it’s a watered-down affair with no kick that you glug with abandon. Here it really does pack a punch. SEEN sipped hers for a good two hours. Next came a fabulous bowl of it! (gorgeously garnished) and pretty blue and white teacups to drink it with.

SEEN was feeling very comfortable indeed by the time the elegant sandwiches and cakes arrived on a proper cake stand, mark you: smoked salmon, cheese and salad, and red velvet cakes and mini cupcakes were consumed with abandon as was my Cucumber Manwich (who could resist a cocktail with a name like that?). Meanwhile a musician took our orders and regaled us with his repertoire. I asked for ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica but the David Bowie songbook was the order of the day… We all had a marvellous time, the music going down very well with an appreciative and well-oiled audience. First and Last Saturday of every month. More details here.

The Cocktail Trading Company Afternoon Par-Tea
68 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6GQ