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The White Tiger Roars: KVLT

SEEN came to hear White Tiger on Facebook. His fabulously atmospheric synthwave music has already been snapped up for music videos. Hailing from Liverpool, SEEN, for one is keen to hear him in the capital… We caught up with him recently after the release of new album KVLT.

SEEN: Congratulations on KVLT! How long did the album take to create?
WHITE TIGER: It was started last September and then I sort of shelved it, as I thought it was too weird compared to my previous album (Voyager), so it sat on my Mac doing nothing until iTunes randomly played tracks from it around March and I really enjoyed them. So I wrote 2 more songs, had the artwork (by Brear Art) done and I had an album I didnt plan on. Which I think is pretty awesome the way it just evolved like that.

S: Tell us something about your process when composing. How do you start?
WT: Usually with a drum beat, or bass line…sometimes with a vibe, like if I’d like to be moody and gothic. It just evolves from there.

S:Tell us about your musical influences. What were you listening to as a cub?
WT: I really grew up on music in the 90s, so its Nirvana, and Metallica and all that 90s stuff. But my Mum bought quite a lot of vinyl in the 80s so that was a major influence on me. Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Human League and so on.

S: Your music is so atmospheric! do you have ambitions to compose a soundtrack?
WT: I would love to work on film or game music. It’s just a hard industry to get into. But if I was ever offered something, I’d certainly love to.

S: Do you have any plans to play in London?
WT: Of course. I’d love to play anywhere that will have me or book me. I’m available for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs.

White Tiger on Facebook
Get KVLT here.