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Yee-har! Wild West Cocktail Bar Moonshine Saloon to open

Fun fact pardners… SEEN is distantly related to the old gunslinger Wyatt Earp, no less, thus it is that we shall be moseying on down the King’s Road to check out the Moonshine Saloon, an immersive cocktail experience from the team behind BYOB bar concept Alcotraz: Inventive Productions.

Initially open for a 4-month run, but we’re willing to bet it goes on for longer than that, Moonshine Saloon combines cocktails and an immersive theatre experience as drinkers enter a street from the Wild West. Donning Stetsons and and cowboy gear from the resident tailor, Moonshiners are bidden to bring their own liquor and make their way downstairs to the Saloon.

Downstairs, card and dice games are on offer as are personalised cocktails (made with your liquor) from the talented mixologists, the chance to enjoy a yarn or two of life as a cowboy, but drinkers are warned – beware of the sheriff. Those who evade the law are invited to take refreshment in the General store before leaving the Wild West.

Founder, Sam Shearman says of the new project: “With Alcotraz we created London’s first immersive cocktail bar, which placed guests at the centre of the action and allowed for theatre to take place around them whilst delicious cocktails were enjoyed. Moonshine Saloon will take this to a completely new scale, creating a new world as opposed to simply a new bar!”

Thursday 31st May- 25th August 2018
Wednesday – Friday from 6:15pm-10:15pm
Saturday from 12:15pm-11:00pm

Booking fee: £33.99 (includes 4 cocktails from brought drink of choice + 1.45 hours inside Saloon)

Bookings can be made online:
Or on Design My Night

Moonshine Saloon
535 King’s Road
SW10 0SZ