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Not the Royal wedding: World whiskey day at Merchant House of Fleet Street

With the royal nuptials taking place on Saturday, it’s easy to forget that the 19th May is, in fact, World Whiskey Day. Independent Irish artisan distillers, The Dingle Distillery has partnered with Merchant House of Fleet Street to host an Exclusive World Whisky Day Lock-In.

Expect a complimentary once-in-a-lifetime Dingle Distillery Dream Dram for all, bespoke whiskey cocktails, an education in whiskies from across the globe, and 50% off one of London’s biggest collections of high-end scotch, bourbons and single malts. If that doesn’t counter all the hysteria around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, nothing will. Just be sure to book a table.

The cocktails sound lovely. Owner and head mixologist Nate Brown has created a cocktail menu bar none (pun intended). He uses the distillery’s limited-edition, first-pot still whiskey release.

The Flower of Killarney
3/5/ Dingle Distillery Pot Still Whiskey
1/5/sherried Vermouth
1/5 Coffee Orange Aperitif
Neroli oil
Nasturtium to garnish

Combined in a chilled mixing jug. Stirred until biting cold but not over-diluted. To be garnished with flowers and drunk immediately.

Or a Harbourside Old-Fashioned (SEEN does love an Old-Fashioned)
5/6 Dingle Distillery Pot Still Whiskey
1/6 Oyster Stout Reduction
Cacao and Baobab Bitters
Orange Rind
Porterhouse Btrewing Company Oyster Stout (to be served while waiting for your cocktail to be created).

Add 1/3 Dingle Pot Still Whiskey to a tumbler
Add beer reduction, bitters and an orange rind.
Add a single ice cube and stir until melted. Repeat the process until all the whiskey has been added.
Top with fresh ice.
To be served immediately.

Happy World Whiskey Day.

Merchant House of Fleet Street
8 Bride Court

Header photo credit: Lateef Okunnu