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Bull in a china shop: whisky galore

SEEN was very intrigued to hear about Bull in a China Shop, glorious Shoreditch’s go-to destination for all things whisky-inspired. Occupying a Dickensian-fronted pub opposite Shoreditch’s iconic Tea Building, Bull in a China Shop is a Modern British venue with a pinch of the orient – an inspired all-day restaurant and whisky bar. With an eclectic collection of medicine bottles, ornaments and artwork, the bar is a true modern-day curiosity shop. As Dickens once said: ‘Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler, and a corkscrew’.

50ml Raasay While We Wait whisky
10ml wine reduction
5ml Italian Walnut Amaro
Stir all ingredients together with ice, Old-Fashioned-style, in a rocks glass.
Garnish with a twist of lemon zest.

The Skye Larking cocktail alludes to the Raasay Distillery’s location in the Inner Hebrides with impressive views of the Cuillins on the neighbouring Isle of Skye. The Italian-inspired flavours of the cocktail pick up on the whisky’s wine-finish. Raasay While We Wait single malt is finished in Tuscan Montechiari Cabernet casks, which gives it fruity notes and a heather hue. Just make SEEN’s a large one…

Bull in a China Shop
196 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6LG