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London Craft Week – Process is Queen: the work of Adi Toch at Contemporary Applied Arts

Anyone in need of uplifting should repair immediately to Contemporary Applied Arts in Southwark Street and see not only rigorously curated and breathtaking objects and jewellery, but also (and especially) the outstanding work of Adi Toch, whose exhibition Echoes of Process occupies part of the CAA gallery/retail space. It’s on until the 9th June.

Not a thing is wasted in Adi’s process as a maker. Adi’s exquisite bowls are the obvious end result, but she has also evoked aesthetic meaning and beauty from the things that traditionally are discarded at the end of the creative journey. So, the latex gloves are preserved with precious metallic dust, as are the pieces of sandpaper (some cleverly wrought into brooches). Burnished with metal they resemble snakeskin. The supports that Adi used to hold the bowls are also displayed, like silhouettes or ghosts of the original objects. Reminding the viewer that the bowls start life as a flat sheet, an outline edge of a bowl adorns one wall, the negative to the bowl’s positive. The cut-off edges of the bowls are draped over a steel armature, a record of the time it took to create them. You can even listen to the sanding process on a loop, which SEEN found quite hypnotic.

There’s a masterclass with Adi on Saturday 12th may from 11AM – 1PM. Contact the CAA on 020 7620 0086 to book.

It’s a deeply satisfying body of work and one that marks Adi Toch as a metalsmith whose ideas around process and sustainability are forward-thinking, blurring the boundaries between art and craft. A triumph.

Contemporary Applied Arts
89 Southwark Street