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Ron Gilad at Danese Milano 2018

Regular readers will know that, every now and again, SEEN likes to venture out of London and feature designs that debut at the Salone del Mobile. Just look at the clean lines and perfection of the latest creations from Danese Milano.

Last year, Ron Gilad’s artistic direction for Danese Milano was inaugurated with a collection of objects for the home and office. This year it extended into 2018 with a contemporary interpretation of this historic brand. The poetry, humour and refinement of the materials used all represent the spirit of our times through form and expressivity. Ron Gilad has interpreted Danese Milano’s intention of consolidating its contract sector catalogue by increasing the versatility of its new products and their application in various contexts.

The new projects of 2018 are punctuation marks for interiors. They are objects charged with vitality and irony, strictly analogue pieces that not only burst with humanity, quality and usefulness but most importantly express a perception of reality in response to needs that only seem to be surplus to requirement. In order to undertake this challenge Gilad invited Michele De Lucchi and Richard Hutten, who share his extraordinary versatility. The three designers move freely between industry and visual experimentation, mass production and small-scale fabrication. With the very act of designing they set out to to interact with the user in the name of joy, irony, intelligence and quality. Among this year’s new pieces there is also a lamp (Ina 2007) designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua who adds an intimate and technological project to the collection in which light is used as an instrument, performs a function and also radiates personality.

During the recent Salone del Mobile, in Villa Danese, the headquarters of Danese Milano, Ron Gilad prepared an exhibition that tells the story of the creative process behind the new products. The installation highlighted the role of the history of the company, both recent and past, as a starting point for new undertakings and adventures.