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Find Your Sense Of Space at Broadgate

It might be a bit chilly again after last week’s sudden heatwave but now’s a good time to check out what’s going on at Broadgate. Following the seemingly never-ending winter months and the coldest winter snap seen in the UK for 27 years, Broadgate launches Sense of Space for spring, a multisensory experience to help Londoners and visitors alike escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life to re-engage and awaken their senses. Broadgate is very close to Liverpool Street Station. SEEN always has a good look round as there’s always something interesting going on. Sense of Space does not disappoint. Mr Doodle and Supermundane have already held art workshops…

The Infinity Room

The visual mirrored pop-up structure is made up of four rooms, each offering a unique experience, designed to challenge people’s sensory perception through art. The four rooms are:
1. The Doodle Room
2. The Motion Box
3. The Infinity Garden
4. The Zen Studio

Sensory Yoga: every Tuesday from 10 April to 8 May, 7am
Kickstart the day with bespoke yoga sessions, led by holistic yoga instructor, Annie Clarke.

● Silent Nights: every Wednesday from 18 April to 16 May, 7pm
The Motion Box does its thing on Wednesday nights, transforming into a silent cinema, playing some black-and-white classic silent movies of all time.

The Motion Box

● Secret Of Senses: Friday 10 and Saturday 11 May
Professor Charles Spence and The Kitchen Theory’s Jozef Youssef will be hosting an exclusive multisensory gastronomic experience. A ballot is open for tickets! Enter here and bon appétit.

The Zen Studio

Sense Of Space will be hosting an enticing programme of events until 18 May. Be sure to check out their website:

Sense of Space
Exchange Square
100 Liverpool Street