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Tailor – What If

SEEN loves Electronica and has been enjoying Tailor’s atmospheric ‘What if’. Wistful lyrics overlay a complex and hypnotic musical accompaniment. You need to listen a few times to properly appreciate its sophistication. Raised in Birmingham and now London-based, Tailor promotes an honest and refreshing outlook on music.

Fresh on the electronic scene and swiftly laying down vocal productions that demonstrate talent beyond his years, the past 12 months has seen Tailor write with the likes of , TALA, Huntar, FTSE, Peking Duk and celebrate the release of his debut single; a double A-sided record, ‘Disillusioned/Blame’.

SEEN had the good fortune to catch up with Tailor recently and quiz him…

SEEN: Tailor, congratulations on ‘What if’. You seem to have had a hectic year of collaborations! Did you look for other artists with whom to work or did they come to you?

TAILOR: Hey there, thank you.

Yeah I’ve written with a lot of producers and artists over the last year or so, it’s been a lot of fun. Its a mix really, started out as me looking for the collaborations but moved towards more people asking to work with me, which is great.

S: Tell us about the electronica scene in Birmingham.

T: I’m from Birmingham but actually reside in London now so I can’t say I’m well up on the scene there right now, but there’s always been a good music scene and nightlife to showcase it.

There’s a Brum band called Cinema who have got some lovely stuff..

S: Thanks for the tip! We’ll look out for them… What were your earliest influences? Were your family musical?

T: My family are big music fans but not really musical, my brother played a bit of guitar when he was young. I guess my earliest influences were things my parents listened to, from Paul Simon to Steely Dan.

My brother was probably the one that first got me into making music though… I used to watch him jam with his mates at Rich Bitch Studios in Brum when I was about 12 and then did the same with my mates.

S: What are your plans for this year? Any collaborators you can tell us about?

T: I’m looking to release more music over the next few months so watch this space… re: collabs I’m always in the studio with someone. Working with a great singer called BETSY atm.

S: We look forward to the fruits of your labours. Finally, you’re in London with a couple of hours to spare – where do you go?

T: Hmm, I live west so I’d say maybe a pub in Clapton for a change.

Thank you, Tailor.
You can listen to his new track ‘What If’ here