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Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner launches at Camden Market

What a fabulous variety of choices for vegans at Camden Market: pie and mash, a deli and now a 100% Vegan Diner in the market’s North Yard. Keeping to an American fast-food menu with a unique vegan twist, Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner will serve you The Dirty Burger (served in vegan brioche), Mac‘n’cheeze, or a Rudy’s Reuben (vegan pastrami grilled rye sandwich with sauerkraut, cream cheeze, grilled onion and Russian dressing). Weekly changing menus are promised with Vegan Meatloaf, Philly Cheeze Steak, Spicy Vegan Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheeze and Country Fried Chicken, biscuits, mash and gravy making their debuts. Where possible, all ingredients are sourced locally with vegan breads supplied by a London-based bakery. All dishes are made to order and (crucially) supplied in recyclable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging.

The brainchild of former primary school teacher Ruth (Rudy) Mumma and vegan chef Matthew Foster, the pair are determined to introduce the delights of veganism to those who have not yet tried that diet and clearly hope to enthrall those committed to veganism as a way of life.

SEEN is looking forward to sampling a Dirty Burger and checking out the artwork inside the diner. There’s a wonderful painting by vegan artist Lynda Bell that’s sure to provoke discussion not just among adult diners but the next generation of food-lovers too, very much expanding on the founders’ wishes to educate as well as feed. As you would expect, well-behaved dogs are welcome. Throughout Spring (it’s finally here!) evening dining will take the form of a monthly BYOB supper club. Summer (the hottest on record for 100 years is predicted!) will see more frequent reservations for supper. SEEN will report back…

Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner
North Yard
Camden Market

11am-7pm daily
FB, Insta & Twitter | @RudysDVD