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Kate Simko composes soundtrack to Leena Pendharkar’s timely drama ‘20 Weeks’

SEEN fave Kate Simko’s original music score for ’20 Weeks’ has been released digitally on all major platforms as the film had its theatrical debut in the US on 13th April.

Spanning 15 tracks, the exquisitely crafted ambient/classical album captures Kate Simko’s distinctive sound, combining the intricacies and textures of string orchestration with dreamy electronic sound design.

20 WEEKS is an honest, modern and intimate look at the pressures surrounding pregnancy and relationships, and Kate Simko’s soundtrack subtly, yet effectively, underscores the film’s poignant themes in captivating detail. Simko has stripped back her ensemble London Electronic Orchestra to an intimate line-up of single strings for this score, creating a more naked and exposed sound, reflecting the vulnerability of the characters. The music has accompanied the film’s powerful narrative since premiering to acclaim at last years Los Angeles Film Festival, and subsequently named One of Film Threat’s Top 10 Independent Films of 2017.

As a standalone album, the score reflects Kate’s journey as a Chicago-born electronic producer who honed her skills in orchestral writing for film at the Royal College of Music. This is Simko’s first soundtrack release in a decade, since her Music from the Atom Smashers was released on Ghostly in 2009. This score is also the first body of work to come from Kate Simko since her unique and innovative ensemble London Electronic Orchestra released their critically acclaimed eponymous debut LP on The Vinyl Factory in 2016.

“Collaborating on ’20 Weeks’ was an especially unforgettable experience because I discovered I was eight weeks pregnant while composing the score. It was a time of heightened emotions, and scoring the film was a parallel journey of my own experience alongside the film’s narrative. The film fueled my creative forces and drew me deeper into my role creating the subtext for the characters.” – Kate Simko

While the captivating string and harp filled compositions give the score its elegant cinematic flair other tracks reference a more ghostly and at times upbeat underground sound, Kate Simko’s score is a beautifully sophisticated yet sharp musical translation of Director Leena Pendharkar’s visual aesthetic.

Check out the trailer for ’20 Weeks’:

Track list:
1. Visceral Love
2. Searching
3. Surreal Moments
4. All Heart (Instrumental)
5. Waiting Room
6. Heavy Reality
7. Tough Decisions
8. Reminiscing
9. Ought To Be
10. Present Reality
11. Beach Flashback
12. Venice Beach
13. Crashing World
14. Moving Forward
15. Visceral Love (Recap

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