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The Pommier: Hello Petal

Is there anything more uplifting than Spring flowers in bloom? SEEN thinks there isn’t. The artist Claude Monet famously felt he owed his painting career to them. Leave it to the glorious Pommier in Covent Garden then, to greet the warmer weather with a splendid new floral collection that chimes with many flower-related events going on in the capital: The Chelsea Flower Show, Belgravia in Bloom and Frida Kahlo at the V&A to name but three.

Flamingoes, tulips, roses and lilac abound in the new Hello Petal range. As the writer Pablo Neruda said – you can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep the Spring from coming.

The Pommier
58 Neal Street
Covent Garden

All images credit: The Pommier