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Horizn launches a new backpack and travel hoodie.

SEEN has been a fan of Horizn and their smart stylish travel range for ages so was delighted to witness their launch of a new line of travel-focused accessories, comprising the new (and extremely covetable) Gion Backpack and – for the first time branching into performance apparel – the Travel Hoodie.

Conceived in Horizn’s understated design language, where premium functionality meets minimalistic urban style, the new Gion Backpack is fabricated to facilitate your every excursion, whether a city commute, transition from workplace to the gym, or overseas holiday. Crafted with sustainability in mind, the Backpack comes in two sizes (medium and small), and is made from 100% vegan materials, with a specialised water-resistant exterior. Size M will be available in all black, while Size S will be available in several shades including Pale Rose, Mint and Cosmic Halo (SEEN’s favourite, of course).

Driven by Horizn’s mission to enhance enjoyment and convenience while travelling, the Horizn Gion Backpack is ergonomically padded and supportive in structure, with several useful compartments to fit and protect a laptop and valuables, also easing the checking process if carrying-on to a flight.

Key features include:
* Spacious enough to fit a 15″ Macbook (Size M) or 13″ Macbook (Size S) and sleeve, with additional protected compartments for an iPad or charger, and back pouch for valuables
* Premium water resistant exterior body and zipper fastenings
* Elastic strap to seamlessly attach the Gion Backpack to the Horizn Studios Cabin or Check-in luggage
Price: €149

The new Horizn Travel Hoodie is the first wearable travel garment from Horizn, combining essential accessories for your journey with environmentally-friendly technical features, in a sleek, minimalist design. The ultimate three-in-one travel companion, the Horizn Travel Hoodie incorporates a quilted hood which doubles as a cushion or pillow, with an integrated fold-out eye mask which won’t move out of place, whether you’re catching forty winks on the commute or much-needed sleep on a long-haul flight.

Engineered using the latest innovations in organic technology to meet the highest standards of sustainable garment production, the lining of the Travel Hoodie uses special cooling technology which infuses fibres with recycled jade and stone to combat odour and naturally regulate body temperature, while the BlueSign® certified dye-free outer shell is formulated from recycled coffee grounds.