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My Furry Lady: the Art of Marion Peck at Dorothy Circus Gallery

SEEN can safely say that there is nowhere quite like Dorothy Circus Gallery in Notting Hill. It is the very antithesis of the white, clinical art gallery that abounds in the capital. From the beautiful yet disquieting pop surrealist art that is the passion of gallery director Alexandra Mazzanti, to the welcoming gallery itself complete with delicious ‘Sacre Bleu’ tea for visitors and an in-house bespoke scent, appropriately called ‘Palpitation’, nothing is quite what it seems.

We visited the marvellous exhibition that was ‘Pages from Mind-Travellers’ Diaries’ last year. The surreal images both fascinated and repelled creating a dream-like ambience for viewers. This unstable arena seems set to continue on April 14th with the new exhibition by Marion Peck whose collection of work entitled ‘My Furry Lady’ explores the feline/human hybrid to disturbing effect. You simply cannot look away from these images. For their part, the Cat Ladies gaze back at us unabashed, their strangeness and beauty hypnotising the viewer. Other work includes a scene of angry actors, performing in a forest; their expressions seemingly at odds with their bucolic surroundings and the absence of an audience. SEEN is looking forward to the preview.

Dorothy Circus Gallery
81 Ledbury Road
W11 2AG