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An Awfully Big Adventure: Shuttlecock Inc bring you Neverland Spring Break

On the weekend of the 19th-21st April, London party purveyors, Shuttlecock Inc will be distilling everything you loved about MTV Spring Break in the late 90s and letting it loose on an immersive adult playground version of JM Barrie’s Neverland; an excellent example of what London does best at the moment (in SEEN’s humble opinion) – an experience.

Taking place at Park Village Studios, Neverland Spring Break will allow revellers to eat, drink and party in an irreverent reimagining of Peter Pan’s home patch, complete with hipster Lost Boys, geezer Pirates, a trustafarian Tiger Lily, a tattooed Tinkerbell, a gangsta-rapping Croc and the dance battle to end all dance battles.

Brought to you by Shuttlecock Inc, the independent creative production behind Mile High, Rumble at the Deli and The Blue Lotus Opium Den, Neverland Spring Break will mark five years of creating extraordinary experiences. This event, the first public party for two years, is sure to be another spectacular offering from the four cousins who were among the originators of London’s immersive dining scene.

Neverland Spring Break takes guests on an imaginative journey through Neverland, from welcome drinks at the Darling’s House, and delicious street food from the bearded hipster Lost Boys, to Tinkerbell’s Bar which is run by a foul-mouthed, no nonsense fairy covered in ink, situated next to Croc’s Territory – a Hip Hop legend complete with a clock on a chain around his neck and an entourage.

Partygoers looking for a place to chill can head to the Neverland Camp to join Tiger Lily and friends sat among brightly coloured teepees, trippy Psy-trance flags and a campfire to chant around. Here they can try their hand at arts and crafts, have a massage, join a guru session or sip on Jarr Kombucha cocktails.

The night at Neverland rounds off with an almighty Dance Off, when the gangs will congregate in the NTV dance studio and take turns to show off their routines in the NTV boxing ring, before the crowds are invited to stay to continue the party.

Park Village Studios
1 Park Village East