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Mulberry Garden Party-Inspired Fashion Launch Allows Shoppers to Buy Straight from the Catwalk

Mulberry launched their new fashion creations using a new catwalk format on February 16th. The event took place on the first full day of London Fashion Week and was held at Spencer House. Mulberry showcased their latest range, a modern look inspired by traditional garden parties.

The creations included floral designs adorning English tea sets, a spring and summer collection with linen suits and beautiful silk frocks with ruffled edges. Multi-colored striped designs were inspired by the patterns on deck chairs. Models paraded in oversized hats like those worn at the Ascot races or Cheltenham Festival, an exciting reminder that the races are right around the corner — Might Bite is this year’s favorite to win the Gold Cup.

Usually, fashion brands are presented in February for release to the public in autumn and winter, and this was the format that many of the shows in the London Fashion Week continued. This allows designers to get feedback from fashion critics and retailers before manufacturing and releasing the new collections.

The Mulberry catwalk utilized a new format known as “see now, buy now,” which allows consumers to watch the show via live stream and then purchase the clothes from the show immediately. Every item in the event can be purchased at the Mulberry website, a huge difference from the usual six months that it takes a collection to hit the shelf.

This was the first time that the fashion label Mulberry made the move into the “see now, buy now” format. Other early adopters include rivals Burberry, who used a similar format in their fashion show on February 17th. Entertainment was on the cards for both companies, who combined fashion runways with acoustic performances and light shows. Alison Goldfrapp performed at the Mulberry event while Burberry combined fashion with visual arts to stun the audience in their “Our Time” show.

The Mulberry catwalk was the first show in a series of events held by the company throughout London Fashion Week at Spencer House. The brand also held talks and workshops, the Mulberry Palm Tea House and of course, plenty of opportunities for shopping.

One of the most famous brands in Southeast England, Mulberry is best known for their hand-crafted leather bags as well as being internationally recognized for their fashion designs.

London Fashion Week ran from February 17-20th and included displays and collections from top designers both within England and beyond. Highlights included Richard Malone’s eco-conscious show, Ashley Williams’ monolithic-inspired catwalks and veteran Jasper Conran’s simple yet effective clean-cut designs among many others.

The Mulberry show was a success, and London Fashion Week, too. Yet the question is whether the new style of catwalk show will gain traction, with more and more designers starting to test the waters to see what works. Some brands don’t see the benefit of the “see now, buy now” show, but brands like Mulberry and Burberry have pioneered the way during the 2018 London Fashion Week.