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Chinese New Year at Gelupo

On her last visit, SEEN was astounded at the inventive delights that awaited her at Gelupo. We’re certainly girding our loins for a tour through the flavours of Asia starting February 16th at Jacob Kenedy’s highly regarded artisan gelateria in Soho. The collection of seven delicious and exotic flavours will be inspired by countries from China to Japan, and Thailand to Malaysia. The very special flavour from Malaysia has been developed in conjunction with the legendary Malaysian celebrity, Chef Wan. The brand new range will be available at the gelateria for two months, from Chinese New Year on February the 16th all the way through to Thai New Year in mid-April.

Gelupo has created a Red Bean Paste gelato that will feature from China, an interesting flavour that is both sweet and savoury. This will launch just in time to get the taste of China for the New Year celebrations across Soho.

Inspired by the quirky flavours of Japan, an antioxidant rich Matcha flavour has been created, a combination of sweet and earthy flavoursome tones, set to give a powerful taste sensation. This beautiful country is also represented by a Yuzu gelato, a refreshing, tiny citrus lemon that packs a fresh & sour punch. The final gelato from Japan will see a unique Black Sesame flavour, a nutty, toasty taste that will be sure to surprise even the most adventurous palate.

A very special Durian gelato that hails from Malaysia, known as the ‘king of all fruits’, has been developed with Chef Wan. The flavour is a combination of savoury, sweet and creamy all in one – a heavenly and slightly intense taste. SEEN is particularly keen to try this.

The tour of Asia rounds off with flavours inspired by Thailand. One of 2018’s superfood trends Pandan, will feature, a green leaf, both fragrant and aromatic – similar to what we identify as vanilla in Europe! The last in the series of tropical flavours will be Mango Sticky Rice, close in taste to the western rice pudding, bursting with a sweetly perfumed and refreshing taste, a very popular dessert in Thailand! And with SEEN, it must be said…

In addition to the full gelato range, Gelupo will continue with its Asian theme through other offerings – matcha being a common flavour across all! Treats including a steaming White Chocolate and Matcha hot chocolate, an original Matcha Kit Kat Lolly, a frozen Matcha and Pistachio Gelato Opera Cake, and some brightly coloured Matcha Madaleine cakes.

7 Archer Street (off Rupert Street)