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Together: The Art of Rebecca Strickland at We Built This City

As we celebrate the partial emancipation of women on this centenary year, it’s always refreshing to see art on a large scale that carries empowerment in its message. If you’re in Carnaby go and see We Built This City where Peckham’s own Rebecca Strickson has created a huge shop front, inspired by traditional trade union banners and protest march signs. Word spread last year on social media with Alexa Chung and Emilia Clarke sharing her designs during the general election.

Her latest work ‘Together’ is a shop front takeover on bustling Carnaby Street. The piece explores the power of people working together to overcome issues that matter.

Strickson says: “I really wanted to design something inclusive, vibrant and fun; justlike the capital. With January a time for traditional resolutions and looking ahead I wanted to create something with a positive message we can all carry through the year, and beyond.”

At the centre of the piece a 3D banner intricately cut from wood features the words: ‘If we can work together, we’ll work together’. This is accompanied by two beautiful embroideries that say ‘Everyone’ and ‘Everything’

Strickson says: “I am a staunch believer in the power to overcome when we work together on the issues that matter. And when we do, we don’t just work side by side, we achieve more, we create power and hold power to account. I am proud to have London as my home, and love how diverse, crazy and fantastic this city is. There are so many things that we aren’t divided on as Londoners – look at what happens when there’s a huge event (or a snow day!) that makes people come together, help each other and their communities. I wanted to celebrate that.”

If you haven’t yet been to We Built This City, do go; it’s a store that often collaborates with artists to bring something fresh and innovative to this part of London, and it has made London souvenirs cool. Previous artistic collaborators have included Camille Walala and Supermundane. The takeover will be on until April.

We Built This City
56b Carnaby Street