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The Megaro: King’s Cross embraces the weird and wonderful

SEEN has been longing to have a look inside the Megaro for many a year. If you didn’t know, the Megaro is a boutique hotel that has been a King’s Cross landmark for eight years, thanks in part to the huge, colourful 450 square metre graffiti mural on its classic Georgian façade. Now, the dynamic hospitality team leading the hotel continues to innovate with the forthcoming launch of several unusual venues within the next 12 months. The first to be completed is Minimix, poised to become “the largest minibar in town”.

Conceived and designed by Henry Chebaane, the Paris-born British artist (aka H.DD8) and creative director of Blue Sky Hospitality studio, Minimix is a place unlike any other. Rather than a bar in a hotel lobby, what was the reception lobby has been transformed into a bar itself, seating just 14 people in a space that defies easy description: a Victorian Steampunk fantasy juxtaposed with the British Pop culture of London, Kings’ Cross and Camden borough.

The art, design and drinks at Minimix are inspired by a richly layered local narrative spanning nearly two centuries, starting with the Victorian quack doctor James Morison who in 1828 opened the “British College of Health” just a few doors away.

Doc Morison was quite an adventurer: born in 1770 in Scotland, he studied in Aberdeen and Germany, established himself as a merchant on the Baltic in Riga, and invested in the West Indies before moving to Bordeaux in 1815.
A few years later, he came to London, claiming to have found a universal vegetable cure for all ailments based on botanical compounds he prepared in pill form. The botanical alchemy, Kings Cross’s history as a hub for coal, ice and grain and British pop culture of recent times form the base from which the interior design and art curation have been developed.

Minimix is a zany and intimate venue, akin to a weird and wonderful time-machine. It is without a bar counter, instead customers are seated on bespoke stools and banquettes upholstered in finely stitched metallic leather and petrol blue tweed, inspired by Victorian steam-age travel and contemporary street fashion.

Cocktails, Drinks, Entertainment, Euston Road, Hotel, King’s Cross, London, Megaro Hotel, Minimix, November 2017, Reception, Henry Chebaane

The entire metallic bronze ceilings are covered with electrical coils, filaments bulbs and other apparatus that connects to walls of walnut panelling, gas pipes, valves and brass mesh. The reception desk and drink mixing station are custom-made in raw steel with industrial detailing while the walls and shelves are filled with odds, sods and curios created by Henry Chebaane and a number of international pop artists such as Doktor A, Scott Tolleson, Casey Weldon, Ron English, Jason Freeny, Anraku Ansaku and Andrew Bell.

Cocktails, Drinks, Entertainment, Euston Road, Hotel, King’s Cross, London, Megaro Hotel, Minimix, November 2017, Reception, Henry Chebaane

The Megaro
Belgrove Street

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