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The Pommier Bedazzles Neal Street

With Valentine’s Day nigh upon us, there is a welter of fabulous jewellery to choose from in London. None more so than The Pommier on Neal Street, at the beating heart of Covent Garden. From the quirky, fun Bijoux de Famille to the amorphous designs of Lusasul, there is, quite literally, something for everyone… SEEN caught up with Lewis Phillips recently, to quiz him on his vision for The Pommier’s statement jewellery.

Lewis, congratulations on The Pommier! What draws you to the designers you feature?

At The Pommier we strive to support independent and emerging talent with their own unique style and individuality. We’ve retained a very loyal customer base since we first launched our etailer 3 years ago, so we always keep the consumer in mind when discovering new brands.

Neal Street is powerfully associated with independent design. Had you always aimed to have a store-front there?

Most definitely. We very much wanted our debut retail store to attract an independent crowd and Neal Street seemed the ideal location for this. Our portfolio consists of both international and UK designers so it was integral for us to grow our existing customer base within an urban yet central London location. With the rise of experiential retail we have looked to create an events calendar in store to introduce our designers to the customer. I feel that it’s incredibly important to be able to give the consumer a personal experience when buying jewellery.

Are there trends that seem perpetual? What should we look out for in 2018?

In terms of jewellery trends for 2018, we’re looking at large geometrics, celestial jewellery and plenty of brooches! There also remains a constant demand for hoops and personalisation so I don’t see these trends going anywhere soon.

In terms of materials, how far is sustainability a consideration in the jewellery you sell?

Highly so. We choose designers who are incredibly passionate in what they do, which I definitely feel is reflected in the jewellery. Sustainability is on the rise and the consumer is now so savvy when it comes to how and where their pieces are made. We still have a long way to go. However, I feel that The Pommier has a small part to play in this! We continue to champion handcrafted pieces as opposed to mass manufacture.

The Pommier
58 Neal Street

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