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Gelupo: A Chocolate Sagra

There can be few things more worthy of a festival than that most excellent substance chocolate. Gelupo, in Archer Court, just off Rupert Street north of Shaftesbury Avenue had chocolate lovers queuing up on the day SEEN visited. The lady in front was treating herself to a litre of the ricotta and sour cherry gelato (which she said was her favourite). The Dark Chocolate sorbet was another favourite of hers. Maria, the lady who was serving, allowed SEEN a little taste of everything in the festival (indicated by the dark brown menu behind the counter, should you wish to partake); this included the Dark Chocolate sorbet which was rich and dense.

Black Russian

As the city begins to give in to temptation, and break any commitment to a healthy January, Gelupo, Jacob Kenedy’s highly lauded artisan gelateria in Soho, is hosting a Chocolate Sagra, a month long chocolate festival from 6th January to 7th February. An array of mouth-watering, tempting treats, will be sure to entice the strongest of willpower, and will include rich chocolate gelato flavours, warming hot chocolate variations, sweet chocolate frozen desserts and intensely chocolatey cakes.

The five unique gelato flavours will include Dark Chocolate Earl Grey & Biscuits, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla & Sea Salt, Monte Bianco [milk chocolate and chestnut], Milk Chocolate, Peanuts & Caramel and White Chocolate & Thyme. These will run in addition to four classic chocolate flavours; Bitter Chocolate Sorbet, Bonet [chocolate, rum, caramel, coffee & amaretti biscuits], Bacio [milk chocolate & hazelnut] and Fresh Mint Stracciatella. The last one was definitely SEEN’s favourite.

Earl Grey Choco Biscuits

Those looking for an alternative, can choose from five frozen desserts, including Chocolate Stuffed Panettone, Mini Chocolate Bombe Cakes, Chocolate Stuffed Cornucopia [fruit], Gianduja Semifreddo [sweet, chocolate speciality of Turin], Mini Chocolate Cones and Mini Chocolate Lollies in assorted flavour reminiscent of classic confectionary. Also available in store will be two indulgent chocolate cakes, including Chocolate Biscotti, Amaretti, Cantucci and Chocolate Bonet.

Finally, passers by on Soho’s famous Archer Street can pop in for chocolate deli products and exciting new variations on Gelupo’s signature hot chocolate. The new flavours will include a dark Mexican Chocolate and an interesting Chocolate and Cardamon.

White Choc & Thyme

Launched in June 2010, Gelupo is the second venture from chef Jacob Kenedy and Victor Hugo, also behind Bocca di Lupo, the award-winning Italian restaurant in Soho. A traditional Italian gelateria, delicatessen and espresso bar, Gelupo is located opposite Kenedy’s celebrated trattoria on Archer Street. Italian gelato is made daily at Gelupo, with exceptional flavours that include Ricotta, Coffee & Honey and Pine Nut & Fennel Seed, alongside superlative renditions of Italian classics such as Pistachio and Mint Stracciatella.

7 Archer Street