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Way Out West Announce UK Tour and Chat to SEEN Ahead of their Gig at Mangle on March 2nd

Electronic music pioneers Way Out West (AKA Nick Warren & Jody Wisternoff) are back – not only with a brand-new album, ‘Tuesday Maybe’, recently released on Anjunadeep; a label renowned as a hotbed of talent, but now also with a much-demanded fresh UK Tour.

The internationally acclaimed duo has crafted a formidable reputation over the course of the astounding 25 years that they have worked together: from peaking at #15 in the UK Singles Chart to touring live globally and remixing the likes of Orbital, Unkle, James Holden, Saint Etienne and Ian Brown.

Having spent a period of time apart, the pair never let up on the hard work both in and out of the studio…

“We’ve had an amazing time working on this new record together. Our solo careers have continued to take us around the globe.” – Way Out West

This unique seven-date tour of the UK’s most authentic underground venues is a welcome return to the limelight for the pair and is set to have more than a few surprises in store.

“The new LP continues to feature both of our eclectic influences and we were able to tour the music live on the road whilst we wrote it. We can’t wait to get back and tour UK venues with the full show.” – Way Out West

Way Out West’s flaring creative output seemingly never ceases – a style demonstrated by their recently released album “Tuesday Maybe”. Praised by Billboard for its ‘majestic and soothing’ vibe, the album marks the end of an eight-year release hiatus that has done nothing but render the pair’s return as emphatic and as welcome as it could possibly be. Support for the new music has come thick and fast across the board from the likes of Pete Tong, Lee Burridge and John Digweed.

Way Out West’s 2018 UK tour is a chance to catch the duo’s ever growing and eclectic sound and is a live electronic performance not to be missed. SEEN was fortunate enough to catch up with them recently. Enjoy…

Congrats Nick and Jody on ‘Tuesday Maybe’ and the forthcoming tour! Mangle is a wonderful venue. Will the tour revisit the scenes of earlier glory?

Nick: Yes indeedy! As well as the album tracks we will revisit some of our past tunes, new mixes and edits of course but we can’t leave them out of the show.

Jody: Thanks guys! Really looking forward to checking and playing at Mangle. The set list includes a bunch of classic WOW tracks (remixed) so I suppose yeah, it will revisit the spirit of the old days

How easy is it to collaborate and still maintain your solo careers?

Nick: It seems to have worked well, both of us have our own sounds as far as solo material goes but it’s always great to come together and work as Way Out West.

Jody: The hard bit is finding the time, but once we are working together (either sat down in the studio or over the internet) things flow really nicely. We definitely still have a great chemistry, and I really enjoy the collaborative process, which is lost when you do solo stuff.

How do you start constructing a song?

Nick: We bounce ideas back and forth; it might be Jody starting an idea or me, we tend to build some kind of structure and then pass it over to the other to sprinkle his magic on the project. It works very well.

Jody: It could be a sample, a chord progression, a beat, a melody or trying to mimic a track I love. There is literally no set way a track is started, it always varies. If we followed a formula, things would become boring.

Way Out West has always drawn on eclectic influences. Is there anything out there that you’re longing to incorporate?

Nick: We used an amazing solo violinist Sarah Anderson on the album and it would be amazing to step that up to a full orchestra next time.

Jody: I’ve just bought a field recorder so am gonna start incorporating unusual sounds from the environment. Drum beats made from hitting trees etc. I’m also up for collaborating with more musicians in the future, world music type stuff.

Any favourite places to visit in London?

Nick: London is such an incredible city. There are all the obvious landmarks and the trendy areas like Shoreditch, but as an avid fly fisherman, the river Wandle in South West London is an incredible place to visit; not long ago it was basically dead but now is a pristine wildlife environment right in the city.

Jody: Soho is always good fun to mooch around. I love DJing in the Shoredich area too, we did an Anjunadeep party recently at Village Underground and it was amazing!