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‘We’re Open’ Ad Campaign by Smirnoff: SEEN Talks to Lucy Fizz

SEEN was delighted to hear that Smirnoff’s Ad Campaign ‘We’re Open’ is highlighting the inclusivity of LGBTQ+ people in London’s nightlife. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Lucy Fizz, trans model, dancer at Glitterbox and Sink the Pink, and star of ‘My Transgender Life’, which has won awards.

Lucy, congratulations on your film Lucy: My Transgender Life. SEEN was very moved by your determination to live a life true to yourself. Do you feel a sense of responsibility to future generations of trans people?

Thank-you. I feel like I am in a privileged position in my life and I am extremely grateful for that. When I was asked to make the documentary I thought back to when I was a teenager struggling with my gender identity and realised that I would have benefited from watching a film like this. Everyone experiences gender in their own way and by telling my story I can be another voice that people can relate to. I think it’s important that all people are informed of the challenges faced by trans and gender non-conforming individuals, how they can support them as allies and also that in spite of these challenges we can be happy and successful.

What made you get involved with the Smirnoff Ad Campaign? And what was it like seeing yourself on TV and giant billboards?

When Smirnoff approached me about the ‘We Are Open’ campaign they told me they believed diversity in nightlife was really important and wanted to create an authentic campaign that celebrated the LGBTQ+ community. The Smirnoff team talked about the importance of having positive role models within the media and that despite the recent increase in attention the trans and genderqueer community has received this was still something that needed to be improved. We spoke about how the campaign would become more than just an advertisement and their plans to partner with the LGBT Foundation in order to further contribute to the LGBTQ+ community.
I feel honoured to be featured in the campaign alongside such inspirational people as Honey Dijon, Kiddy Smile, Le Fil and Xnthony. It’s so surreal seeing the billboards and TV commercial. The response I’ve received has been phenomenally positive, I feel like the team that worked on the campaign have really hit the mark.

Was there a particular London club night that you feel was a important place for you?

My involvement with the East London queer scene, in particular Sink the Pink, has been really formative in the development of my identity. It is through the love and support of the family I have found within this community that I have learnt to embrace and celebrate my identity as a trans woman.

Does London lead the world in terms of inclusivity for LGBTQ+ nights?

I can’t really answer that, I’m not an authority on the scenes in other cities. I know, for me, London has been a place where I’ve found a great deal of acceptance.

What, in your view, are the 5 best inclusive parties in our fair city, coming up to the festive season?

Dalston Superstore Christmas Bash
Big Gay Carol Service at The Glory
Savage – New Year’s Eve Party at Metropolis
Chapter 10 Honey Dijon All Night at Bloc
Adonis New Years Day Party

Thank you Lucy! Happy partying to everyone this Christmas.