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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas 1: Hipchips

Deck the halls! Hipchips is fully embracing the Yule season with their delicious crisps and a variety of seasonal dips. Hipchips is a bit of a fixture on the Soho scene. SEEN can only imagine the hungry revellers who fall upon the restaurant with a howling attack of the munchies, particularly on the weekend.

So, if you don’t take Christmas THAT seriously, their interpretation of traditional Christmas fare is great fun. Amongst their usual inventive and tasty dips, you can now have turkey and cranberry sauce, salmon and cucumber. Both lovely, but my money was on the salmon and cucumber! The Christmas pudding dip was also very good and an excellent pairing with the sweet crisps. The great thing about the dips is that they taste as authentic as the real thing (if you know what I mean) and they don’t stint on spiciness either. Of course, SEEN and her guest couldn’t finish the delicious crisps so we staggered off into the Soho night to snaffle the rest the next day…

49 Old Compton Street