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Mehrnoosh x Roland Mouret: A Little Love Goes a Long Way

If ever there was a marriage made in heaven, it must surely be between talented artist (and SEEN fave) Mehrnoosh Khadivi and the wondrous Roland Mouret. Khadivi created a unique installation to celebrate the launch of Une Amourette, a new fragrance by Roland Mouret in November. In keeping with the recent event at The Other Shop in Soho, Khadivi’s work can be viewed in-store. SEEN very much approves of this blurring of the lines between art and commerce. It’s a way of making art available for viewing that’s away from hallowed museums and galleries.

So, the Pendulum Wave Machine, a kinetic sculpture that brings together art, design, maths and physics to render a physical manifestation of that most powerful of the human senses: smell. Composed of 15 pendulums of differing lengths (10 of which represent the different ingredients that make up Une Amourette, the other 5 pendulums stand in for 5 imagined ingredients.

The perfume is composed of Patchouli, Neroli, Basies Roses, Cardamome, Indole, Peach, Oponax Base Ambree, Iris, Akigalawood, and Vanille: names to conjure with, indeed. As the pendulums move rhythmically and hypnotically, they evoke the entrancing scents that make up Une Amourette and the aroma of the imagined components: Skin, Gold, Pheromone, Pewter and Alchemy.

Khadivi’s poetic installation oscillates through a series of evolving molecular patterns and rhythms, echoing the way in which the perfume will alter with each individual wearer. The Pendulums must be activated by the viewer, in much the same way as the perfume must be activated by each individual wearer. It’s worth knowing too that ‘Une Amourette’ means ‘a fling. A passion. A little love’ a concept that resonates powerfully and literally with this fascinating work from one of London’s most interesting artists.

Mehrnoosh Khadivi commented: “I was delighted to be asked by Roland to create a work about his new perfume, Une Amourette. I wanted to make a piece that is sculptural, playful and engaging. A work that draws the viewer in, using design and science to awaken their imaginations, whilst also informing them about how perfume is a precise and delicate blend of elements and attitude, beautifully brought together through alchemy. It was important for me to produce a sculpture that was physically bold in aesthetic, which creates a provocation whilst simultaneously being imbued with sensuality and seductiveness. For me this symbolises both Une Amourette and Roland Mouret.”

Roland Mouret
8 Carlos Place